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Oct 29, 2021
Teh Sue Ee

#RIUHVisits: BookXcess MyTOWN: A Hidden Gem For Bibliophiles


Have you heard? BookXcess has recently unveiled its newest 31,200 square feet bookstore located at neighbourhood mall MyTOWN! Its latest expansion offers more than 170,000 books across various genres in one unified space catered for people of all ages.

BookXcess is a homegrown book store that sells books ranging from classics to bestseller titles at unbeatable prices. Since its establishment in 2007, BookXcess has reinvigorated and redefined bookselling in Malaysia and beyond.

Is it just us, or is the Ronald McDonald sculpture imitating Banksy’s famed stencil, Rage, The Flower Thrower, but with a Big Mac? (Image credit: Author’s own)

In conjunction with the store’s opening, our bookish RIUH writer made a pilgrimage to BookXcess MyTOWN to check out the new place. We’re glad to say that this book store will be on the top of our list of aesthetic places to visit!

First Impressions
You might need to step on the gravel to pick books off the shelf, and that’s okay! Treat it like a sensory journey, and take time to appreciate the satisfying crunch beneath your feet. (Image credit: BookXcess)

Upon setting foot into the bookstore, you’ll be immediately enveloped with a cosy feeling as the warm lighting bounces off the natural wooden bookshelves and hear the crunch from the stones as you traverse across the gravel path to pick up an inviting read from the floor-to-ceiling shelves.

BookXcess MyTOWN sections its floor space according to the genres and type of books. The kiddy books section greets you at the storefront before the book choices grow according to the age group of teens and young adults to more adult reads, such as fiction and non-fiction.

You’ll find vibrant pop art-esque artwork for sale along the left side of the wall near the entrance. (Image credit: BookXcess)

If you’ve shopped at a BookXcess outlet before, you will notice that their bookstores mostly carry titles that aren’t recent. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that this BookXcess outlet now offers recent releases at bargain prices!

This art installation doubles as an armchair and a nice photo spot! (Image credit: BookXcess)

A recurring theme in BookXcess MyTOWN is the various art installations peppered throughout the space that adds a pop of vibrancy amidst the Muji-esque, industrial interior design of the store. If you have the time, we highly recommend you to keep a sharp lookout while perusing the many shelves here. You’ll find hidden artworks hiding in plain sight and even reading nooks placed between bookshelves that you can use as a private hideout to read.

What’s unique about BookXcess MyTOWN?
Whisk Cafe also serves decadent cakes to accompany you on your literary adventure. (Image credit: BookXcess)

The heart of the bookstore, also known as the Piazza, is enveloped by two eateries, a hidden art gallery, and a co-working space. Bathed in natural lighting, the Piazza is described as an inviting space where patrons can unplug and enjoy the view of the city skyline.

Look for this sign to locate Papu Art Gallery. Hint: it’s right in front of Whisk Cafe! (Image credit: BookXcess)

The two-levelled space cleverly hides Papu Art Gallery and is only accessible for the curious. Venturing into Papu Art Gallery is akin to wandering down the rabbit hole, as curious minds will be amazed to see artworks from local artists Sofia Haron, Sakana Studio, and more. All the artwork on display is available for purchase.

The naturally-lit space makes the co-working area a productive spot to get things done. (Image credit: Author’s own)

Situated right on top of the art gallery is a co-working space that faces floor-to-ceiling windows. The soft rays of light add to the already relaxing ambience of the bookstore, and many patrons like to have their daily cup of joe from Whisk Cafe located next to the Piazza to help them power through their tasks.

Sorry, no takeouts. For the time being, Ume-tei is dine-in only. (Image credit: BookXcess)

If you’d rather have a proper sit-down meal, Ume-tei serves excellent Okinawan-style dishes that are good for the soul. The menu ranges from finger foods such as sushi and yakimono to generous bento sets for the indulgent. For the quality of food that you get, their dishes are reasonably priced, and it’s no wonder that it gets crowded during the weekends.

If you spot a title that you like on the top shelves, just head on over to the Information Counter to ask for a copy. (Image credit: BookXcess)

So far, we’ve shared the impressive amenities and highlights at BookXcess MyTOWN. Of course, a visit to the bookshop isn’t complete without stocking up on good reads! Check out Riuh’s Picks featuring books from accomplished Malaysian authors.

RIUH's Picks
912 Batu Road by Viji Krishnamoorthy
Did you know that the book’s first chapter is an actual love letter the author wrote to her then-boyfriend, now-husband? How romantic is that! (Image credit: @anushajeanramesh/Instagram)

People say to not judge a book by its cover, but the beautiful cover illustration immediately enthralled us. Of course, the story is well-written too! The novel tells the forbidden romance between the two Malayan families during the Japanese invasion and their descendants through two timelines. The book also features true heroic exploits of several Malayan wartime heroes, including Sybil Kathigasu and Gurchan Singh.

🛒 Buy it in-store or on

Iban Woman by Golda Mowe
Each book of the Iban series has a recurring theme of the oral history, folklore, and life philosophies of the Iban tribe that Mowe articulately retells through her illustrative writing. (Image credit: @mango.reads/Instagram)

Part of Golda Mowe’s Iban book series, Iban Woman tells the story of an eldest daughter’s desire to find the balance between societal expectations and her true calling. If you want to read more about Mowe’s latest works, we highly recommend her latest novel, The Monk Prince, released in September 2021.

🛒 Buy it in-store or on

The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo
The Night Tiger has earned its stripes to stand tall amongst Amazon, NYTimes and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller list. The book was also selected as one of Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine’s Book Club Pick. (Image credit: @lit_ukm/Instagram)

From the author of the book and Netflix series The Ghost Bride, Yangsze Choo explores the tale of an ambitious dancehall girl and an orphan boy on a mission to fulfil an almost impossible request. If you fancy a page-turner with a backdrop of 1930s Malaya that is big on folklore and mystery, this one’s for you!

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(Image credit: BookXcess)

MyTOWN’s BookXcess outlet is by far one of the most comprehensive bookstores that cater to people from all walks of life. Whether it’s your new haunt to yum cha or plan a study session with your friends or a family day out for good food and to pick up new books for the little ones, you’re bound to find something to do at this new community-driven BookXcess outlet!

📍 Address: Lot L1-012, Level 1, MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Jalan Cochrane, Seksyen 90, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

🈺 Operating Hours: Open daily from 10 AM-10 PM