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This is RIUH

Hi there! RIUH (pronounced: ri-yoh; means: loud festive noises in Malay) is a curated platform. We curate a variety of pop-up stores & food, creative workshops, showcases and live performances. One weekend every two months – with different creative offerings.

To the creative community – we host you by providing a pop-up space to sell, share and flaunt what you do best.

To the urbanites and visitors to KL - we invite you for a weekend of retail therapy, to get your hands dirty and creative juices running in our creative workshops and indulge in the arts.

RIUH 24/7

RIUH’s online arm that serves as an additional platform to showcase our creatives and bridging them to the community.
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RIUH Events

A physical curated creative platform for the community!
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RIUH Curates

A service to inject the RIUH experience into client events.
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Our team

Marissa Wambeck

Head of RIUH

As the captain of the RIUH ship, I oversee and drive key areas together with a dream team to reach our destination of an elevated Malaysian creative industry! Oh, and the out-of-the-box ideas we cook up is my favourite thing about RIUH!

Gina Subki

PR & Comms

A passion for the arts and community is why I’m here. I adore creativity in all forms and I help get the word out on RIUH. Oh and my daughter is definitely a RIUH kid!

Renee Hamid

Content Strategist

A dash of creatives sourcing, a little bit of on-ground management, a bag full of solving crisis in chaos and a whole lot of fun-planning! Oh, and I’m also the go-to person for RIUH Curates!

Emma Megan Khoo

Content & Comms Strategist

I curate everything that you see at RIUH - both online and in-person at our events. Oh, and Panggung RIUH was my baby.

Choong Yene

Grant Executive (DMPG)

I’m the one you look for if you’re looking to fund your social and digital media campaigns. If you’ve applied for the DMPG, then chances are we’ve been in touch before. Oh, and I like to keep things organised!

Nabila Soraya

Content Strategist

I do a little design, a little curation, and a little coordination, assisting the team with anything they need! Oh, and I am currently in charge of RIUH Talks.