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This is RIUH

Hi there! RIUH (pronounced: ri-yoh; means: loud festive noises in Malay) is a curated platform. We curate a variety of pop-up stores & food, creative workshops, showcases and live performances. One weekend every two months – with different creative offerings.

To the creative community – we host you by providing a pop-up space to sell, share and flaunt what you do best.

To the urbanites and visitors to KL - we invite you for a weekend of retail therapy, to get your hands dirty and creative juices running in our creative workshops and indulge in the arts.

RIUH 24/7

RIUH’s online arm that serves as an additional platform to showcase our creatives and bridging them to the community.
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RIUH Events

A physical curated creative platform for the community!
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RIUH Curates

A service to inject the RIUH experience into client events.
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Our team

Atiqah Shahabudin

Team Lead

"Asked for her description but all she wants is to say 'Hai'" - RIUH Website Developer

Adam Rasyid


A local brand advocate which means I tend to shop local alot. I mostly do curation, client servicing and fair bits of designing. So when is our next meeting 'gonna be?

Ariff Jazzmi

Content Strategist

Trying to build the local scene one event at a time. Especially in music. If you need a platform to help showcase your talents. Im your guy! Oh and im a musician too.

Abdul Ghani

Content Strategist

Play a beat and he's ready to groove! The man who dares to be different is here to scaffold the local arts scene, one frame at a time 😎

Atikah Tarmizi

Content Strategist

An enthusiast for all fun things and dedicating my work to build connections with the local art scenes as a main vessel in the creative industry!