Frequently Asked Questions

The RIUH Show

What is The RIUH Show?

The RIUH Show is a video series showcasing performances from the music and performing arts sector.

When will The RIUH Show start?

The RIUH Show will kick off in June 2021 and last the whole year.

Where will it be held?

This campaign will be based from unique locations that we will reveal once we get closer to the date.

Who should apply?

Artists of any music and performing arts discipline - whether you are a solo act, duo, group.

How do I apply?

Apply here.

When will I hear back?

We will be contacting selected talents via email between 16th March to 16 April 2021.

Will we get paid if we are selected?

Yes, certainly. Our aim is to support our local talents, their crafts & their livelihood during these trying times.


Where will RIUH Raya 2021 take place?

Both online and offline!
- Online: on our NEW website directory, with features on our social media platforms: Instagram and Facebook.
- Offline: RIUH Raya - the event will be back! Stay tuned.

When will RIUH Raya 2021 take place?

The campaign period will start 17th April 2021 and end 2 May 2021.

How to apply?

Applications are now closed.

RIUH Talks

What is RIUH Talks?

A capacity-building programme for aspiring and up-and-coming creative entrepreneurs, local businesses owners and young creatives to learn and listen from industry experts, thought leaders and renown local brands.

When is the next RIUH Talks?

RIUH Talks will return in May. Visit our Peatix page here.

Is RIUH Talks free to join?

RIUH Talks is ticketed. Tickets can be bought for each individual event on our Peatix page here.

Applying for a booth

Who can apply?

RIUH is for homegrown creative entrepreneurs - primarily from Malaysia, and occasionally our regional neighbours. By this, we mean your product must be most importantly, designed by you. We do not accept submissions from agents, traders or wholesalers. Please check our stallholder criteria document ( for a clear understanding of what we're looking for in applications.

How do I apply?

Via our Apply page here. Applications will open and close according to event dates.

How and when will I know if my brand gets selected?

Due to overwhelming response in our application process, we are only able to get back to successful applicants! Successful applicants will get a confirmation form from us via email to proceed with the next steps. If you don't hear from us 2 weeks before the event, you are not in the initial selection but will be kept on a waitlist.

Do I have to apply each time for every RIUH edition?

Yes, it is preferred. Please note that we have a no-back-to-back vendor policy. If you have been successful in participating with us this year, it is likely that in the coming editions, we will prioritise vendors who have not had the opportunity to utilise our platform. We would like to give everyone a fair chance. And if you have any new / seasonal products or designs, do let us know when applying for our consideration.

Can I apply for only one day?

No. All vendors are required to operate for both days, and for the entire duration of the event.

Our booths

How much is a booth?

Booth rentals start at RM650.00 (for two days, not inclusive of RM400 security deposit).

However, we have different rates for different space sizes, booth packages etc.You will find all the different options on our apply page.

What will I get?

Retail Vendors:
- Booth (if applicable) and/or space selected
- 2 chairs
- 2 units of 13amp plug points.*

F&B Vendors:
- F&B Cart (if applicable) or Own Cart/Foodtruck
- Printed A3 signage
- 1 oblong prep table
- 2 chairs (F&B Cart/Own Cart only)
- 2 units of 13amp OR 15amp plug points.*

*Extra plugs are available to be purchased at RM50 per unit as STRICTLY NO EXTENSIONS ALLOWED. 

Can I share a booth with another brand?

Yes you can! Not a problem. Once your brand is confirmed, there will be an opportunity for you to inform us of your wanting to share a booth, and with whom.It is important for you to tell us what brand you are sharing with, and what their products are so we can avoid duplication in products amongst vendors.
If you do not have anyone to share with, we will try our best to match you with another brand that's also keen on sharing!

Can I decorate my booth?

Yes! We welcome all personalisation of your space and creative expression. However, please keep the following in mind:
- Please use bluetack and not double sided tape to avoid damaging our beautifully crafted booths.
- Please be mindful not to encroach into your fellow neighbour's space, or obstruct the walkway. This ensures ease of flow for vendors and shoppers alike!
- Do get creative and avoid buntings to preserve the aesthetic of our event, and to entice customers to your booth! Strictly no buntings/banners/flyers allowed. 

Can we select our booth placement?

No. Placements and positions are decided by the RIUH team.We will take careful consideration of the nature and size of your products, stocks, etc. Any last minute changes are also subject to RIUH's discretion.

I still have questions!

If there is anything vendor-related that we have not touched on in the FAQ above, feel free to shoot us a message at and we will get back to you as soon as we can!