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Oct 26, 2021
Izzat Haziq

Brews Clues: 5 Neighbourhood Cafes in KL For Your Ngopi Sesh


Sometimes, the best artisanal coffee experience is actually much closer to home than you think. As in, quite literally in your neighbourhood. It’s high time to break free from the shackles of big chain coffeehouses in exchange for something homemade and worth your bucks, too.

So gather around certified caffeine junkies, for we have assembled a list of carboot cafes and pop-up coffee stalls in KL for brews to cure your blues. 

1. Eggin Me On
Achin’ for some Eggin
Source: Eggin Me On

We’d like to think of Alang (@alangsekitar) as somewhat of a jack of all trades. Already an established name in the local indie music scene, the Sweetass frontman also knows how to whip up a mean cup of coffee that will have you screaming for more. Eggin’s coffee selection ranges from your usual long black and flat white with the addition of some such as Prana Chai latte and Dark Choc combo. You can order here for delivery or just swing by at 11, Jalan Setia Bakti 2, Bukit Damansara for a cuppa or two.

2. Satuu Coffee and Pastriés
Keep it cosy at Satuu with your buddies
Source: Satuu Coffee and Pastriés

Searching for that one (pun intended) place to lepak? Look no further and head down to Satuu Coffee and Pastries. Situated in the quaint neighbourhood of Setapak, this pop-up cafe speaks to those who are all about the zen side of life, with heavy Japanese influences all over. Adornments aside, Satuu promises treats for its patrons with their delicious trail of cakes, brownies and pastries to compliment your poison re: caffeine.

3. kapihappys
Coffee on wheels
Source: kapihappys

kapihappys is a mobile coffee cart founded by cyclist-turned-barista, Jonathan Ong. He sets up base against the backdrop of the secluded bicycle lane of River Of Life, Midvalley. The self-taught barista has successfully converted a vintage postman bicycle into a mobile cafe, where he concocts his own brand of “pour-over” aromatic coffee. You’ll notice that there is limited seating here, but all is good as you’d get to strike a conversation with the many happy faces that frequent kappihappys. You do have to track down the exact location along the bike trail, though, as John’s whereabouts vary from time to time. Potentially one of the most peaceful spots to escape to in this concrete jungle, it’s no surprise that kapihappys has found its way to the hearts of many coffee aficionados far and wide. 

4. Kee Nguyen
Come for the coffee, stay for the view
Source: Kee Nguyen

We can’t think of a better place to get your authentic Vietnamese coffee fix than Kee Nguyen. What started as an ambitious venture by designer duo, Radius Khor and Henry Tan has eventually birthed a new wave of coffee movement here in Klang Valley. There are several Kee Nguyen branches to date, but we’d say it’s worth paying a visit to their vendor at Kampung Baru, KL for that “depan halaman rumah” vibes, if your rumah is facing the KLCC Twin Towers. Like we mentioned earlier, their Vietnamese coffee is to die for. But it doesn't hurt to sample out other signature brews such as Coke Coffee, Coconut Coffee, and of course, Egg Coffee, which is Vietnamese coffee topped with egg yolk. Yum! 

5. Birü by Feebay
Birü by Feebay all pretty in blue
Source: Birü by Feebay

If you find yourself doing a couple of laps at Sri Hartamas Park, do keep your eyes peeled for this roadside coffee stand. And if you’re familiar with the name Feebay, you know that no one specializes in coffees just quite like them. Don’t be fooled by its unassuming facade. If anything, Birü carries all the essence that makes Feebay so distinct but in a more close-to-home manner. Apart from their lattes and matchas, you’ll also find familiar aromas of Malaysian comfort food such as packed nasi lemak and fried mihun wafting from the stand—just perfect for that mid-morning ngopi sesh to keep you pumping throughout the day.