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Nov 9, 2021
Teh Sue Ee

#RIUHTries: We Feasted at KL’s Most Happening Urban Food Court, Tiffin At The Yard


Foodies, this one’s for you! Tiffin At The Yard is Kuala Lumpur’s newest culinary playground, where 15 different food and beverage purveyors and promising culinary talents gather for an elevated urban food court dining experience like no other. 

Unlike its predecessor, Tiffin Food Court, Tiffin At The Yard is a permanent space at Sentul Depot that will feature different culinary minds on rotation in the coming months.

All vendors do not serve pork, but a select few serve alcoholic drinks and alcohol-infused treats.  There are two cocktail bars operated by KL’s top bartenders, a wine bar and a Tiger Beer Bar.

We got a chance to visit during the opening weekend, and here’s what we saw, ate, and experienced at this happening space.

Things To Know Before You Visit

(Image credit: @tiffineats/Instagram)
Cashless Only

All vendors at Tiffin At The Yard only accept cashless payments, so make sure you have your e-wallets and contactless payment-enabled credit or debit cards at the ready. Data connection at this place tend to be spotty (depending on your carrier), so the latter is our recommended mode of payment.

Long Queues and Limited Seating Area

Come early to skip the crowds. However, be forewarned: only a handful of vendors start operations at opening hours (10 AM). 

If you come during lunchtime or dinnertime, you’ll most likely need to queue up at the entrance. Tip: you might end up standing under the sun, so bring a foldable chair and umbrella. The food hall operates under limited capacity, and there aren’t many tables due to social distancing rules. 

Getting There

(Image credit: Author’s own)
By Car

Parking is free at Tiffin At The Yard, and it’s located right outside the food hall’s ample open space. Driving there is by far the best option, as the food hall is a 3-minute drive from the main entrance of Sentul Depot.

By Public Transport

The nearest train stop by Sentul Depot is the KTM Komuter Sentul station. If you plan to take the KTM to this place, you’ll have to take a detour to Sentul Depot’s entrance as the train station’s exit faces the main road. It’s an easy 300m walk on Jalan Strachan with a proper walking pathway.

If you opt to take a Grab instead, you might want to consider carpooling as fares from KL Sentral can range between RM 15 - 19 depending on the time.

Exploring The Space

The food hall is tastefully decorated with many plants and art installations, creating a cosy, well-ventilated al fresco dining ambience.

(Image credit: Author's own)

Upon entering the main entrance, you’ll be greeted by a giant lightbox. Stop and pose for the ‘gram!

(Image credit: Author's own)

On your left, you’ll see an art installation by Sputnik Forest. Natural materials like black gravel and tobacco leaves were used to juxtapose against thought-provoking furniture to push the boundaries of a “garden without trees”.

(Image credit: Author's own)

Follow your nose, and rows of pop-up stalls will greet you. Take your time to browse through the fine selection of food, ranging from savoury to sweet. You’ll be delighted to know that you get to treat your tastebuds on a cultural journey here!

(Image credit: Author's own)

The seating area is ample on the leftmost and rightmost sides of the dining hall, with additional tables peppered across the vast dining space. If you’re lucky, you might be able to snag a cooling spot underneath the tree.

(Image credit: Left - @tiffineats/Instagram, Right - @josephcshong/Instagram)

If you decide to pop by at night, take the stairs by Kopenhagen Coffee’s stall to Beyond Lounge. There are more art and multimedia installations here for you to explore while you sip. This area is also the food hall’s dedicated smoking area.

(Image credit: @tiffineats/Instagram)

Let’s Talk Food!

Now that we’ve explored the event space, let’s get down to business with the good stuff! Here’s what we tried at some of the vendors at Tiffin At The Yard:

Kopenhagen Coffee
(Image credit: Author’s own)

What we got: Iced Latte

Kopenhagen Coffee’s small stall is one of the busiest as visitors queue up here the first thing when they arrive for their daily cup of joe. Despite that, you can expect excellent customer service. The barista is quick to churn out quality cups of coffee, so the waiting time isn’t too long either. If you also need to have your daily intake of carbs to get your gears up and running, get some pastries from Universal Bakehouse here!

Price: RM 14

Operating hours: 10 AM till late

Little People
(Image credit: Left - @littlepeople__/Instagram, Right - Author’s own)

What we got: Aussie Rose Watermelon Roulade

Other than their best-selling matcha tart, Little People’s Aussie Rose Watermelon Roulade is also fancied by many. The chiffon was fluffy and had a fragrant hint of rosewater. It paired well with the fresh cream and berries. However, it was pretty hard to get all of the ingredients in one bite. For those who prefer a more savoury treat, give their sourdough croissant a try.

Price: RM 18

Operating hours: 10 AM until 11 PM

Alta Burger
(Image credit: Author’s own)

What we got: Green eggs, fresh leaves, Spanish turkey ham, cheese, potato bun

Alta Cafe’s pop-up stall at Tiffin At The Yard is named Alta Burger, and you’ll be able to guess what’s on the menu from their name. Our order came with pesto scrambled eggs that were simply egg-cellent, and the potato burger bun was soft and slightly sweet. We wished that the Spanish turkey ham was a little thicker, though! Do note that brunch rolls are available from 10 AM - 1 PM, and their usual burger menu is only available from 5 PM onwards.

Price: RM 26

Operating hours: 10 AM (brunch burgers only) till late

Leen’s Middle East Kitchen
(Image credit: Author’s own)

What we got: Chicken Shawarma Taco, Charred Chilli Hummus

The bites from Leen’s Middle East Kitchen is well worth the long queue. The tacos come with a generous serving of juicy chicken that is well seasoned with spice and lemongrass. The charred chilli hummus is surprisingly not as spicy as we thought it would be, but its flavour packs a lot of oomph and is perfect as finger food to munch on while you converse with friends.

Price: RM 21 | RM 14

Operating hours: 10 AM till late

Deadset Arvo
(Image credit: Author’s own)

What we got: Big Weiner Lamb

The cat’s out of the bag - Deadset Arvo is calling Tiffin At The Yard its not-so-secret home for now! We gave their Big Weiner Lamb a taste, and we’re happy to report that it’s fluffy and flavourful on the inside, crunchy and crispy on the outside. The homemade lamb sausage, although well seasoned, ended up a tad bit dry. Feeling fancy? You can give their A5 Wagyu Katsu Sando (RM98) a try!

Price: RM 35

Operating hours: 12 PM till late

Red Red Botak Head
(Image credit: Author’s own)

What we got: Udang Di Sebalik Brioche

The food from Red Red Botak Head is presentable, meticulous and are value for money. The brioche bun arrived lightly toasted and buttered, and the prawns in the prawn poke were individually de-veined. The caramelised onions are not too sweet and perfectly tie the flavours of this udang roll together. Would we visit Tiffin At The Yard again just to stuff our faces with this dish? Yes!

Price: RM 19

Verdict: Operating hours: 12:30 PM till late

Licky Chan
(Image credit: Author’s own)

What we got: Lickin' On Gin & Juice

A heaping scoop of tangy, refreshing ice cream from Licky Chan is just the treat we needed to end our brunch at Tiffin At The Yard. Served on a poppy seed waffle cone, this Bombay Sapphire-infused scoop comes garnished with a calamansi wedge for an extra sour kick. We also tried their non-alcoholic #PassionismyFitness flavour, which is hibiscus kombucha. Who knew you could get your daily probiotic intake on a cone? A definite must-try for kombucha lovers!

Price: RM 16.30 (additional charges for alcoholic flavours, non-alcoholic flavours start from RM 9.80)

Operating hours: 12:30 PM till late

What Are You Waiting For?

Tempted to visit? We feel you! So gather around your best buds, blast some banging beats, and head on over to Sentul Depot for a guaranteed fun time of feasting and merriment.

Tiffin At The Yard

📍 Sentul West, 51100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Thursdays & Fridays: 5 PM - 12 AM (kitchens close at 10:30 PM)

Saturdays & Sundays: 10 AM - 12 AM (kitchens close at 10:30 PM)