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Oct 14, 2021
Eff Hakim

Femme On The Rise - 2021 New Music Releases to Check Out


The MCO has admittedly served us well in some regard. While struggling to make peace with the new normal, artists have also used this downtime and space to create. Staying home meant musicians were simmering in their thoughts and emotions, harnessing their craft and releasing their unique music onto the scene.

Female representation in the Malaysian indie music industry has always been limited and severely underexposed. We think it’s crucial for women to be given the platform due to the fact that there aren’t many of them and the stakes are much higher considering Malaysian women have yet to be able to exist against the conventional standard.

So we've decided to be that platform. Here are some amazing releases, spanning a wide range of genres from our female Malaysians:

1. Wobbebong – Sleepyhouse

Wobbebong is a female duo formed earlier this year consisting of Aisya and Hanna, both respectively from other bands (Jetcetera, and Juno and Hanna respectively). This powerhouse combo has been making some waves with their fresh sound.

Their latest single Sleepy House is a mellow tune that will surely captivate you.

2. Hullera - Gerak lu

Not too unfamiliar to the hip hop scene anymore, Hullera is notorious for bringing the swag. Her music in addition to her personality, are both unapologetic.

Her single Gerak Lu will empower you and soundtrack your newfound confidence.

3. Straw - Hoot

Malaysia is missing out on Straw. Her elegant and soothing music could be said to be healing.

Her latest single “Hoot” was a collaborative effort between Straw Lim herself, Anak Borneo, Jude Limus, and Bryan Limus, and was made during the MCO. Her song begs the question "An owl can rotate its head up to 270 degrees. Living in this information age, how far will humans go in expanding their horizons, and in pursuing a wider perspective like the owl?"

4. Laisa- Kisses from New England

Formerly one half of the sibling duo Fuad band, Laisa (Lisa Fuad) has decided to try and fly solo.

This sadpop tune is not only catchy, but has a unique quality about it that is atmospheric and beautiful.

5. Faux goth- Bleached Blonde Pixie Cut

Looking for something fun? Something different? Queue some e-girl energy into your playlist while you fight the mundane work week.

Faux Goth is a newcomer to the indie pop music scene. Her refreshing youthful take on pop music is hard to miss. She's definitely one to watch.

6. Lil Asian Thiccie- Lie 2 U

We love our local baddies, we loves their music, and we need more of them!!

Lie 2 U will be the anthem for your girls night out, and is just as whimsical as it is litty.


You can listen to all the artists mentioned via the Femme On The Rise playlist on our Spotify!

Click here to listen. Enjoy!