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NITA is the latest cosmetic brand to hit the town! Fun, quirky, unapologetically upbeat. NITA is the perfect cosmetic line for young woman who want to add zest and colour into their everyday lives. In 2016, Aznita Azman founded the Kuala Lumpur based brand, as well the character 'NITA' sharing her love of all things exciting, fun, and new. Each product is a thoughtful and heartfelt reflection of each of her experiences. Share her adventures as she travels the world as each product line reflect the sights and sensations of all the places she visits. "NITA is the personification or embodiment of every young woman out there who has dreams of seeing the world, and who wants to live every day to the fullest" says Aznita. NITA proudly incorporates local customs, traditions and even cuisine into the name and packaging of the products. The first line of products to be released during the launch of will have a truly Malaysian feel, because each journey begins from home. NITA carries a wide range of hypoallergenic makeup products to suit all skin tones, all at an accessible price.
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