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Dec 16, 2021
Teh Sue Ee

‘Tis The Season To Shop Local: Christmas Cards from 10 Malaysian Artists


It’s finally the most wonderful time of the year! This Christmas, why not spare your phone’s storage space and the embarrassment of sending a WhatsApp greeting with the ‘Forwarded many times’ label by snail-mailing Christmas greeting postcards from Malaysian artists instead? ‘Tis the season of giving, and by doing so, you’ll be supporting the creative arts industry in this trying time. Here’s our curated list of Christmas cards and postcards from Malaysian artists with different art styles to suit your taste.

1. By.MinnieAng

To Minnie, Christmas is a celebration of the people in our lives - those who paint our lives in bright, bold, and beautiful colours, as reflected in her Christmas card designs! (Image credit: Minnie Ang)

Minnie picked up her stylus and started illustrating digitally during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to relax and unplug from all that was happening. During this time, she challenged herself only to draw subjects that brought a smile to her face and therefore developed her art style of colourful and illustrative pieces to reflect the good things in life. Her Christmas Tree postcard features a fat Christmas tree decorated with a collection of ornaments that symbolises the memories she has collected of her family over the years.

Price: RM 8 - 40

Keep up with By.MinnieAng on: Instagram | Twitter | Website | Shopee (MY) | RedBubble

2. Furlala Creations

Furlala Creations once said, “If there’s something you’ve wanted to do, go do it because you should strike while the turkey is hot!”. BRB, you’ll see us at buffet tables fighting to get first dibs! (Image credit: Furlala Creations)

Chuah Jean Jing and JJ are the sibling duo behind Furlala Creations. They use their diverse art styles to create cute and cheeky illustrations of furry friends in cartoonish, line-art style, who perform human acts when people aren’t looking. Furlala Creations chose the theme ‘winter wonderland’ for Christmas this year, where there’s snow, musical parades, and magic! With each purchase of their postcards, you’ll get a pack of mini stickers to give your Christmas card some paw-sonalisation.

Price: RM 12.90 - 80

Keep up with Furlala Creations on: Instagram | Twitter

3. Super Duper! Mediocre

What’s the best part about Christmas for Betty of Super Duper! Mediocre? Spending quality time with loved ones, going on a Christmas shopping spree, and of course, opening presents!(Image credit: Super Duper! Mediocre)

Betty is the artist behind the brand Super Duper! Mediocre, and loves experimenting with various mediums in bold and unique colour combinations. Through her art, Betty finds that she can express the unapologetic part of herself with playful and vibrant visuals. Staying true to the ‘why so serious?’ take on her creations, she chose a cheeky and sassy illustration for her Christmas postcard to add a little spice to your Christmas greeting. 

Price: RM 13

Keep up with Super Duper! Mediocre on: Instagram

4. Whimsy Whimsical

Reconnecting and enjoying the yuletide festivities with loved ones is Yee Von’s way to celebrate Christmas after a year’s worth of hard work, and we think that’s a superb #selfcare tip! (Image credit: Whimsy Whimsical)

Yee Von is a maker of whimsical woodland-inspired stationery. Her dreamy artworks feature furry forest friends like foxes, rabbits and bears drawn with repeating pen strokes for their fur and closed eyes. Yee Von’s designs exude luxury with their immaculate foiling and textured cards that makes good use of negative space to create depth to her illustrations. On the Merry Merry Christmas card illustration, you’ll see the animals giving each other gifts to show their appreciation for one another whilst having fun and spending time during the most wonderful time of the year.

Price: RM 10 - 12

Keep up with Whimsy Whimsical on: Instagram | Website

5. Secondfloor.Neko

Nikki is all about the cosy feels and fuzzy vibes associated with Christmas celebrations. To her, celebrating Christmas recharges and resets her mind to have a fresh start for the new year! (Image credit: Secondfloor.Neko)

Nikki is the artist behind Secondfloor.Neko, and she’s a self-proclaimed cat lover who loves anything cat-themed. Her digital drawings recount the mischievous behaviour of cats and her daily encounters with them. As Christmas is all about gifting and abundance of joy, Nikki combined her love for cats with Christmas presents to create ‘Purresents’, a postcard that features three adorable kittens in a gift box. This image reminds her of cats being bundles of joy in our lives.

Price: RM 10 - 12

Keep up with Secondfloor.Neko on: Instagram | Shopee (MY) | Shopee (SG) | Chubs.My (International) | Society 6

6. Byhandarts

Syuhada looks forward to enjoying Christmas celebrations with her friends and is looking forward to ending the year with a bang! (Image credit: Byhandarts)

Syuhada is a Malaysian calligraphy artist who is fluent in traditional Western calligraphy. She specialises in Copperplate, Engrosser’s, Spencerian, Fraktur and Italic script. For Christmas this year, Syuhada created a candy cane adorned Christmas card in her handwriting. She also illustrated a postcard set of 4 designs inspired by the different art skills she picked up this year. One of the postcard designs features hollies and a wreath that she drew after learning to paint watercolour florals, and another features Nueland script in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Price: RM 10 - 14.90

Keep up with Byhandarts on: Instagram | Shopee (MY) | Stickerrific

7. Tiny Paperware

To Michelle, Christmas is a time to reflect and remind ourselves about what matters and show our appreciation for the people we care about. (Image credit: Tiny Paperware)

Self-taught artist Michelle works a 9 to 5 during the day and finds solace in creating art during her downtimes. Her designs are light-hearted and witty and ooze personality and relatability with everyday life. Diverging from her usual sticker products, Michelle chose to release a limited edition Christmas card this festive season with three designs: Festive Green, Snow Globe, and Merry Christmas.

Price: RM 5 - 30

Keep up with Tiny Paperware on: Instagram | Website

8. Oh Beatrice

Beatrice loves incorporating children and warm tones in her drawings. If you love her illustrative style, you should check out her self-published children’s book, Dumpling The Tiger. (Image credit: Oh Beatrice)

Beatrice is a full-time artist-illustrator who loves creating stories and illustrations with watercolour and colour pencils. With a penchant for storytelling and all things fantastical, she believes that people should never grow out of or stop exploring regardless of age. Her Christmas greeting card depicts Santa’s little helper wrapping presents with a winged friend as company.

Price: RM15 (including delivery)

Keep up with Beatrice on: Instagram | Website

9. Still. Illustration

As lovers of clean, minimalistic designs ourselves, we can resonate with the accompanying quotes on Still. Illustration’s cards that aim to inspire others to spread joy, love and gratitude this Christmas and to have faith for a better 2022. (Image credit: still.illustration)

When a team of creatives from diverse professional backgrounds unite, the stillness emitted through their art cuts through the noise amongst the most chaotic times. Still. Illustration creates artworks that aim to inspire people to take life a step at a time. Applying mixed media techniques, the creative minds behind the team crafted minimalistic illustrated greeting cards titled the Holidaze series for festive wishes this season.

Price: RM30

Keep up with Still. Illustration on: Instagram

10. CtrlD Studio x Wolfsworks

You’ll need to scan the QR code behind the postcard with your phone to see the interactive AR design. (Image credit: Wolfsworks x CtrlD Studio)

A collaborative project between Ezra of Wolfsworks and multimedia designers Joshua and Suan from CtrlD Studio, the Merry PostcARd is an artistic creation that acknowledges the past but has the nuances for the modern-day. This interactive postcard incorporates augmented reality (AR), and when scanned, it reveals an artwork depicting the origin of Christmas. The double door design on the card symbolises the welcoming of loved ones, which is synonymous with Christmas and the spirit of goodwill.

Price: RM12 - 30

Keep up with Wolfsworks on: Instagram

Keep up with CtrlD Studio on: Instagram


Feel the yuletide cheer yet? Don’t wait; it’s time to bust out your fanciest stationery to pen your festive greetings for your loved ones to accompany their Christmas gifts! These Christmas cards from these Malaysian artists are available for a limited time only, so act fast!