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Nov 1, 2021
Michelle Liu

The Underground Art Society: One-Stop Shop for Art, Custom Prints, Murals & More


“This is a story that started with a lack of story”. This is how The Underground Art Society (TUAS) is introduced: a collective of art personalities who were previously creatively restrained, and needed an outlet to share ideas, create new work and support one another. Founded by Shambavi Shankar, TUAS started as an art project, evolving into an Instagram account, and now a full fledged e-commerce website. Shankar muses that TUAS aims to incorporate art into your every day.

It’s a rarity to have a one-stop shop for both original art and personalized products in Malaysia, to the level of service TUAS offers. You’ll be able to find truly unique and original art (such as canvas paintings) to spruce up your space, as well as mural art designing services. Custom art prints can also be made on canvas, tote bags, throw pillows, mugs and more.

Art Prints & Personalized Products
Original artwork: “Bermuda Triangle” and “Mind Invasion

Artwork will always bring life and personality to any space, especially knowing they are created by local, independent artists. If you have a vision in mind, whether it’s for your home, office space, or a personalized gift, you can customize the artwork with the help of TUAS. It can also be printed on these products too: tote bags, pouches, pencil cases, throw pillows and mugs.

Tote Bags
Premium reusable tote bags:: “No Connection with Reality” and “Take Me Home

Carry art wherever you go with these hand-sewn, reusable tote bags, which feature quirky, artist drawn illustrations. There’s just something special about owning an original piece, rather than mass-produced!

Shankar hopes to expand TUAS with the help of like-minded individuals in the future. If you’re an artist, dreamer, collector, or just in need of art, check out TUAS’s online store or follow them on Instagram for more!