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Jul 18, 2021
Adani Bakhtiar

#RIUHTries: The BAOwesome New Menu from The Bao Guys


Were you able to catch The Bao Guys at Tiffin Ber-RIUH Raya back in May this year? They constantly had a queue lining up to try their Baos!

The Bao Guys at Tiffin Ber-RIUH Raya in May 2021. Source: All Is Amazing.

If you haven’t heard about them already, then let us introduce you. Plus, we’re giving you an insight to their new menu that we got to try over the weekend!

The Bao Guys' central idea is to take something traditional (soft fluffy bao buns) and add a modern twist to it. Founded by Lucas Isaac, Marc Wong and Dominic Chou - all of whom pursued a law degree together - the trio kicked off their bao business from their humble home in a condominium. Just within five months of operations, the combined power of word of mouth and online marketing helped them garner enough traction to take that leap and park themselves on the second floor of a shoplot in the heart of SS2 in Petaling Jaya. That's quite the milestone for a fairly new business!

Now, if you’re wondering what to order from their menu, we can tell you that one bao alone is a pretty hearty meal already, so shared portions are recommended. And if you’re looking for something more filling, they also have rice box options. Before we introduce to you their upcoming menu, here are a few honourable mentions from their current offerings:

Pho-King Good

Pho inspired Lamb Bao. Coupled with tangy onion & lime slaw.

The Pho-King Good Bao. Source: Writer's own.

The lamb in this is beautifully seasoned and the steamed bun, a perfect complement. This bao truly lives up to its name.

Beef Be With You

Braised Mala Beef, Mala Mayo in a deep fried Bao.

Beef Be With You Bao and Rice Box. Source: Writer's own.

This flavour is reminiscent of dendeng. The beef is well marinated and so juicy - this is definitely an easy favourite! The same beef dish is available as a rice box, which we truly enjoyed as well; it felt like a home-cooked meal.

Now onto their new menu, here are our #RIUHTries reviews:

Onz like the Prawnz

Panko crusted shrimp patty with tangy roasted garlic sauce.

Onz like the Prawnz Bao. Source L: The Bao Guys. R: Writer's own.

The shrimp patty is shaped into a croquette and tucked inside the bao. The panko coat lent to the superb crunch on the outside, while the inside remained soft and juicy. So yes, very much ONZ indeed!

Power Plant

Fried tofu with pickled carrots and radish and Nori mayo.

Power Plant Bao. Source L: The Bao Guys. R: Writer's own.

This bao is an addition to their vegetarian menu (their original menu features a mushroom bao)! The Nori mayo had a very delicate taste, balancing sour and sweet flavour profiles. The pickled carrots and radish was just the touch that the fried tofu needed!

Fried Coriander chicken with onion slaw and spicy Thai mayo.

Sawadee-Cluck Bao. Source L: The Bao Guys. R: Writer's own.

This savoury bao is the writer’s personal favourite. The chicken was crunchy, and the spicy Thai mayo really gave it a kick! It has just the right amount of spice and flavour that keeps you coming back for more.

Writer's note: Props to The Bao Guys for their creativity in naming their baos!

Onde-onde Bao

A Malaysian dessert bao.

Onde-onde Bao. Source: Writer's own.

As an addition to their Sweet Tooth menu, this is a take on a Malaysian classic kuih, onde-onde. The sticky combination of pandan, kelapa and gula melaka was not compromised in this innovative attempt. We recommend you leave room for this dessert bao!

That wraps up our #RIUHTries review! We hope these insights have tempted you to give The Bao Guys a try! If you do, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below or tagging us at @riuhinthecity and @thebaoguys on our socials 🌈

Contact Details

IG: @thebaoguys


Others: You can also find them on FoodPanda and Grab for deliveries and takeaway if you live nearby the SS2 area.

📍 : SS2, PJ

⏱ : 12.00pm-10.00pm Daily (Closed on Mondays)

Additionally, The Bao Guys are also organising a 24/7 food bank donation drive at their restaurant. If you wish to donate, drop them a DM or pay a visit to the store and they’ll be able to assist you from there. #kitajagakita

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