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Oct 13, 2021
Charmaine Wong

#RIUHTries: Sink Your Teeth into Poppy Cherry Pop’s Spooky Box This Halloween


Nothing puts the "treat" in "trick-or-treat" like some homemade goodies for Halloween.

And yep, it’s definitely no trick and all treat in the newly-revamped Spooky Box by Poppy Cherry Pop - a wickedly delicious box of 4 Halloween-themed tarts that upon unboxing, disappeared fairly quickly *wink*

Before we sink our teeth into the yummy tarts, let me introduce you to the home baker behind these stunning pastries.

Founded 2 years ago on a whim, Khalissah Iman started her little baking business from her humble home in Cheras and specialises in eclairs and tarts of various sizes and flavours. Despite the ups and downs of keeping a business alive during a pandemic, Poppy Cherry Pop has persevered by constantly innovating and customising its offerings for its customers. The goal here is to be able to expand into a baking studio in the next few years and set up group baking classes.

This Halloween, Poppy Cherry Pop is bringing back the Spooky Box (RM90) but with an elevated twist. Featuring 4 stunning Halloween-y tarts of various flavours, there’s something for everybody!

Gianduja Bat Cave
For all chocolate lovers (Source: Writer’s own)

A solid favourite, one could never go wrong with a hazelnut and chocolate tart. With a rich Guanaja ganache and a dark chocolate glaze on almond sponge layers, this tart is as decadent and sinful as it gets, without it being too sweet. Topped with some mini Gianduja choux and a cute Bat cookie, this would be an all-around favourite for chocolate lovers.

Pumpkin Tart
Pumpkin Tart (Source: Writer’s own)

Halloween would be incomplete without pumpkins. As somebody who’s not necessarily a huge fan of pumpkin, this tart surprised me with how good the combination of pumpkin and a hint of cinnamon would be. The flavours aren’t too overpowering, making it a good mix of sweet, savoury and a tinge of spice. Definitely worth a try!

Bloody Brain Raspberry
Bloody fantastic! (Source: Writer’s own)

Back by popular demand, but with a spooky twist! The Bloody Brain Raspberry is a booooo-tiful spin-off from last year’s exciting Bloody Brain Choux Bun.

Don’t let the (artistically-)gory exterior fool you, the velvety almond frangipane layered with sweet cherry curd serves as the perfect silky canvas for the brainy raspberry mousse topping and squirts of raspberry jam.

The mix of flavours didn’t make the tart too overly rich or jelak. If all brains tasted like this one, sign me up for the zombie diet.

Day of the Dead - Lemon
Day of the Dead (Source: Writer’s own)

A refreshing citrusy tart filled with homemade lemon curd with pieces of orange peel that surprised our tastebuds with a zesty, almost-bitter tangy hit! Beautifully decorated with a chocolate skull and edible flowers, we loved how this tart balances both sour and sweet flavour profiles really well. 


Overall, we enjoyed this Spooky Box of goodies that’s perfect for sharing and great for all flavour preferences. It’s a great idea as a gift for your loved ones (or for yourself!), so bone appetit!

Spooky Box (Source: Poppy Cherry Pop)

The Spooky Box is only available from 25th Oct - 31st Oct in limited quantities, so make sure to place your orders now! 🎃

Orders are only accepted through Whatsapp at 011-33377482.

IG: @poppycherrypop