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Aug 22, 2021
Jodi Yip and Renee Abdul Hamid

#RIUHTries: POP Neutral’s Stretch Mark Oil and Intense Firming Oil


There are moments where we would catch ourselves unconsciously scrutinising our bodies, nit-picking at any dot or line we could find. Be it our pores, freckles, scars, or even stretch marks, we forget that these features aren't anything to be ashamed of.

While some marks are reminders of painful memories, some are from an outcome of a beautiful gift gained. This is the case for Renee, a fellow #TeamRIUH member and new mom. Renee put to test POP Neutral’s Oil It Up Duo: consisting of their Stretch Mark Oil and Intense Firming Oil.

Oil It Up Duo. Source: POP Neutral

Hold up! Who or what is POP Neutral?

Founded by an entrepreneurial mom of four little ones, Nadia Nasimuddin faced different bodily challenges in each of her pregnancies and decided to create her own range of products using natural oils. These remedies have helped not only her but many of her friends, family, and others alike. And thus, POP Neutral was born! Pun intended.

Now that you have an idea of this wonderful brand, let’s jump right into Renee’s experience and review:

“I am a newly born mom (yes, moms are born when the babies are!) and of course, carrying an extra 19kg did leave some marks on my body.”

While they celebrated and welcomed their new edition to the family, Renee couldn’t help but wonder if her stretch marks would ever fade away. All she could do was try and hope to find a product that would make it less apparent. During the course of her pregnancy, she religiously maintained a routine of slathering oils around her body.

“There are some [stretch marks] on my stomach and chest. Mostly stretched skin without colour, just around my belly button and top of my breasts. Just leaving this here so you know the intensity I’m dealing with.”

First Impressions

Upon receiving the Oil It Up Duo, she was pleasantly surprised at their beautiful packaging. With their amber bottles and minimalistic design, POP Neutral’s oils are lovely additions to her bathroom. They're too pretty to toss. “UPCYCLE! I love the idea of re-using stuff for something else like my collection of pasta sauce jars and olive oil bottles.”

Sitting pretty in Renee's bathroom. Source: Renee
Week 1

As opposed to what is suggested, Renee began only applying the Stretch Mark Oil once a day instead of twice a day on areas she felt needed help in fading of stretch marks. There was not much of a strong scent which is great for anyone who is sensitive to any sort of scents.

“I’m finding the time for my second shower now. Work from home with an 8-month old baby is FUN.”

Like most moms out there, Renee is cautious of what she applies to her chest area due to breastfeeding, “So I slid a DM to Pop Neutral on Instagram, asking if the oils are safe for breastfeeding and they said yes with confidence at 11:30PM. Now that’s good customer service guys!”

Week 2

“Alright, new week, let’s up the oiling game. Also, the shower game. The luxury of having a second shower session is something I never knew I needed. Additional 20 minutes to myself??? Any mom would understand!”

Renee started incorporating POP Neutral’s Intense Firming Oil to her chest daily, twice a day. Similar to the Stretch Mark Oil, the scent was mild but only this time there is a hint of citrus from its concentrated Grapefruit and Neroli oil extract.

Many of you might be wondering, “Won’t this feel super oily?” Not at all! The oils absorb quickly without feeling oily or the usual shiny sheen. This 7-blend of nutrient-rich plant oils and essential oils helps firm, tighten, and refine your skin while reducing the appearance of cellulite.

“[I was] being very careful still with the application to my chest to make sure it doesn’t rub off on the baby while he feeds. Not that I mind because it’s 100% plant-based.”

A handy infographic. Source: POP Neutral
Week 3

Another week, still going strong – both the oiling and the showers! 

Stretch marks can never be completely removed, it’ll just fade into your skin colours if they were initially red or white. Dear readers, please remember, despite whatever society and the beauty industry tells you, these marks are all part and parcel of your body’s growth! Be it weight fluctuation, pregnancy, or genetics, stretch marks can appear on ANYONE of any size, shape or body type.

Renee began applying the oils onto her hips as part of her daily oiling regimen, “One pump for the stomach, one pump for the chest, and half a pump for the hip. That covers all.” They glide onto your skin, unlike lotion which gets absorbed much faster while applying, resulting in more pumps.

Renee's tip: “I suggest that the body gets oiled first and then begin with your skincare routine. So you’ll have some time for the oils to sit and absorb before going about your day.” 

Fun fact: You can also mix these oils and apply them together! Not only does that save you a bit of time, but it also combines the benefits of both for the ultimate result.

Week 4

It's already the final week of the review period, and Renee was not even halfway through the bottles. A little goes a long way!

Renee's tip: “A little thing that I do with the remaining oils on my palm is to rub on my cuticles to hide the fact I have not visited the nail salon in ages."

Although her stretch marks were still present, her skin does feel super RICH! The once rough patches were now gone, replaced with moisturised skin.

“The marks are way more apparent when your skin is dry. With the help of plant oils and the moisturising agents of Sweet Almond Oil and Argan Oil, I’m sure over time you’ll dismiss the fact you have stripes with the luxurious feeling of being hydrated!"

Ramp up your routine with a Dry Brush. Source: POP Neutral

Renee also learned that dry brushing your skin, before showering and applying the oils after works wonders too! A new step for Renee to add to her self-care routine.

With just a single month of trying out POP Neutral’s Stretch Mark Oil and Intense Firming Oil, Renee absolutely loves them for not just all the reasons listed above, but also:
- their affordable price tag,
- their environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging,
- a wide range of products to choose from (belly tattoos, what!),
- and that they have been proved and tested by the founder herself.

“I mean, isn’t that what we need nowadays? A human touch to a brand and real-life experiences to share and connect with people.” 


That concludes our #RIUHTries review. You can shop POP Neutral's Oil It Up Duo for a good cause, as it is part of the RIUH 4 Rakyat campaign happening this month of August. In celebration of our 4th birthday, shop local and give back to COVID-19 Relief Organisations. There is a plethora of ways you can join in on the fun some of which include Virtual Creative Jams and giveaways so stay tuned on our Instagram! See you on the next #RIUHTries!