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Apr 30, 2021
Emma Megan Khoo

#RIUHTries: Jamu by Jamuglo


They say there's a first time for everything. And the RIUH girls have decided to give Jamu a shot (pun intended).

Jamu is commonly known, usually by those in the Malay community, as a health drink for women. It is predominantly made from natural materials, such as roots, bark, flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits. It is known to have a variety of benefits, and to help with one's overall health and wellbeing.

The benefits of Jamuglo's De-tox drink. Photo credits: Jamuglo
The benefits of Jamuglo's Kencur Juice. Photo credits: Jamuglo

Jamuglo strives to educate and empower women to embrace their sexual wellness. Jamuglo is 100% organic, gluten-free and cruelty-free with absolutely nothing artificial! Their aim is to shift the taboo surrounding intimacy and we're HERE FOR IT!

Meet the RIUH Girls:

The RIUH girls at A Very Merry RIUH, December 2019. Photo credits: All Is Amazing

They sent us a batch of their De-tox and Kencur Juice jamu drinks to try: De-tox for the morning and Kencur Juice for the evening - and here's what we had to say!

1. Describe your lifestyle

Cat: I'm not super active, but I enjoy yoga and the occasional hike.

Nabo: I'm usually sitting or lying down...but morning walks are a'ight.

Renee: New mom and breastfeeding. I was advised not to take jamu during confinement and that it may affect my milk supply but I know people take it for internal health, especially after childbirth. So that’s a little conflicting. But no, it did not affect my milk supply. Was hoping for a spike in supply. Perhaps after few bottles in.

Mar: I try to keep active, at least breaking a sweat three times a week.

Ems: Pretty active. I enjoy working out and breaking a sweat every other day.

2. First Impressions

Cat: Strong branding! I like how it looks like any other modern lifestyle beverage. Looks nice on the 'gram.

Nabo: LOVE the look and feel of Jamuglo - definitely made Jamu approachable to the younger audience.

Renee: Cute packaging. It’s definitely designed with a modern woman in mind.

Mar: Although Jamu is foreign to me, I was enticed to give it a shot - had that fresh almost "juice" like appeal!

Ems: Looks good, sounds good - I was easily intrigued to try!

3. Rate On A Scale of 1-5

Taste of De-tox

Average rating: 4.5

Additional comments:

Cat: It has a nice refreshing cinnamon taste which I love. Light and easy on the tummy early in the morning.

Mar: I didn't expect to like this THAT much! Definitely easier making it a routine since its yums.

Mar's favourite: De-tox. And her cat.

Taste of Kencur Juice

Average rating: 2.8

Additional comments:

Nabo: I swallowed a whole cookie right after to avoid having to taste it.

Renee: It’s not tooooo bad as I was expecting worse. Jamu has always had a reputation for tasting nasty. But this feels like a watered down version of the original thing. Hence it’s drinkable.

4. Effectiveness / Benefits:

Cat: I did experience more discharge but I guess that means my body is detoxing so that's a good sign!

Nabo: I had my first try of De-tox on the first day of puasa during sahur - I had an instant reaction with gassiness.

Renee: I’m sure we would need to consume more than a bottle to actually feel it’s effectiveness.

Mar: I did feel it helped with regulating menses. And also, a close friend did say my skin looked better, maybe it is that Jamuglo? Hehe.

Ems: I felt hungrier throughout the that normal? Lol

Photo credits: Cat

5. Did you know about Jamu before trying Jamuglo?

Cat: I've heard the word before but I never really knew what it was all about. Jamuglo's IG content gave me a lot of info on what it was and how it worked.

Nabo: Yes I’ve heard of it but never actually knew what it is for - and I always thought it was for older women!

Renee: Yes, my maid used to make ‘em fresh on the stove and the whole house would smell funky for the day.

Mar: Of course! But never felt drawn to give it a shot.

Ems: Nope - but I guess it feels somewhat similar to Chinese health drinks.

6. Final Verdict

Cat: I liked it! Would totally buy and try a couple more bottles just to see its full effect.

Nabo: I think it has to be drank for a longer period of time. But besides that, Jamuglo has made taking care of your sexual health a lot more approachable and understandable for me.

Renee: Don’t mind to continue to consume it to feel the difference. Probably cute as a gift too!

Mar: I'd incorporate the De-tox into my daily intake to really reap the true benefits! But as for Kencur Juice, as the days went by, I found it more difficult to consume it. The taste is something I'm not sure I can commit to regularly.

Ems: I love the movement, but I do lean towards more traditional supplements.

Any additional notes?

Cat: Pricing's pretty decent. Its RM35 a bottle and if you drink about 70ml a day, it lasts for 7 days. Worth it I'd say!

If you'd like to know more about Jamu in general or Jamuglo's approach to sexual health and intimacy, you can visit Jamuglo's pages below:
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