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Oct 20, 2021
Lisa Ameera

Boutique Agency Muma Trailblaze New Horizons Of Creativity


As consumers, we’re exposed to thousands of ads on an average day, ranging from highway billboards, flyers, web banners, sponsored posts, and unskippable ads. Though they’ve become an inevitable part of our lives and we’ve grown to be somewhat indifferent, there are moments where we immediately feel entertained, a change of heart, or simply resonate with what we see. That’s what powerful campaigns do – they connect to people like you and me.

One such creative agency that has managed to capture the attention of Malaysians time and time again is Muma. With four decades of experience, Muma's co-founders have collectively worked alongside advertising giants like McCann, Leo Burnett, and Ogilvy locally, as well as international experience with agencies in Singapore, Jakarta, Doha and China. 

Check out some of these groundbreaking campaigns Muma has worked on.

1. Tissue Packs Turned Dance-Provoking Jukeboxes

It’s no news that Malaysians love shopping but those 11.11, 12.12 sale days bring out a different side of us, making us ask ourselves “what else do I need?” even when our virtual carts are empty.

For 12.12, Muma created a series of limited edition tissue holders that double up as music amplifiers that come free with every purchase of Vinda Deluxe Facial Tissues Soft Pack. These jukeboxes came in four designs inspired by different genres: Jazz, Rock, Pop, and Hip Hop. Not only do the designs look cool, but they also amplify the music you play from your phone.

And to no surprise, all 1000 sets of the limited edition product sold out! It quickly became Vinda’s most successful 12.12 campaign ever. This accomplishment highlights the creative team’s ability to inject some fun and a completely cool new function to an otherwise forgettable basic necessity.

2. Seeking Approval from ‘Minister of Home Affairs’ aka The Wife

You know how Malaysian men often joke about having to appeal for an Exit Visa when they make their own plans? This inspired founder Chee Wee and co-creative partner Donevan Chew, leading them to turn that common joke into a witty film and colloquial music video that now ranks the highest views and engagement on Mitsubishi’s social platform.

“The film was set in a hybrid of a home and government department environment to reflect the honorary ‘ministerial position’ of Malaysian wives,” Donevan explains.

Spoiler alert: The winning husband made plans that included the entire family (unlike the other husbands) with the help of a 7-seater Mitsubishi Xpander. The local nuance coupled with an altogether amusing performance made it memorable, to say the least.

3. Comprehensive Groundwork So Gen Z Can “Live Unlimited”

When Gen Z consumers transitioned their priority from network performance to best value for money, Celcom Xpax looked into new ways to reconnect with them. The creative team at Muma delved deep to study what Gen Zs yearned for and found that they’re more interested in utilising the internet to wholly feed their passions as opposed to mindless consumption of gigabytes.

The change started taking form when they shifted the conversation to how Celcom can offer them the ability to “Live Unlimited” with specific personas that speak to the consumers. This includes characters like die-hard gamer, movie buff, music fanatic, e-bizz whizz, social butterfly, and shopaholic.

Since its launch, the campaign not only increased brand recall and conversation rate but also managed to convince consumers to make the switch to Xpax.

Celcom Xpax’s Live Unlimited campaign, driven by Muma.

Young But Flexible and Ever-Evolving

Muma, a boutique creative agency, was founded in 2018 by Choo Chee Wee and Pang Li Li. Despite being a young agency, Muma has been the creative force behind some thought-provoking and boundary-pushing creative work.

“We wanted to connect brands with consumers through creative work that can win hearts and minds. Running our own agency allows us the flexibility to work on more unique and daring ideas for clients who are not looking for something run of the mill,” shares co-founder and managing director, Li Li.

Collaborating with Consistently Captivating Creatives

Having passion is absolutely crucial, and in fact, people are encouraged to pour their heart and soul into the crafting of an idea at Muma. Li Li admires people who get excited over great ideas, are resourceful and resilient in facing whatever challenges that may surface.

Though doing freelance jobs are at times frowned upon by some creative managements, Muma has actually shown interest in talents who have a side gig or a creative hobby as it exemplifies the honest love they have for their craft. In terms of the people who make up the team, they aspire to maximise the potential of every member.

Besides hiring, they also collaborate with highly resourceful individuals for strategic planning, data research, digital tech, and production craftsmen to turn their ideas into reality. They employ a “plug-and-play” system that ensures an adequate-sized team for each respective project.

Pang Li Li, founder (left), Choo Chee Wee, founder (middle), and Donevan Chew, creative partner (right)
“We strive to continuously deliver outstanding ideas and hope that marketers will view Muma as the preferred agency partner for unique, daring ideas. We hope to find more like-minded clients who are passionate about their brand and bold enough to brave new ideas,” said Li Li.

Li Li believes that the sky is the limit for Muma, thanks to the hands-on approach of the senior partners and a strong team led by award-winning co-creative partners.