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Mar 11, 2022
Teh Sue Ee

5 School Holiday Activities & Workshops For The Creative Soul


If you feel deflated after the hectic weeks spent studying from home, you’re not alone! With all that’s going on around us, it’s vital for students to take a break and relax. In need of ideas that excite the creative within? Trust us on this - you’ll want to spend your school holidays with these 5 school holiday activities and workshops to recharge your mind!

1. Make pottery
Throw pots, not hands! Sculpt your clay masterpieces at Clay Expression’s studio located at Subang Jaya. (Image credit: @clayexpression_my/Instagram)

Whether or not you’re active on social media, you would have probably seen many cute or intricate clay works posted online or sold in lifestyle stores, ranging from practical tableware to wearable accessories. Ever thought of learning how to make them? You can now do so with Clay Expression’s beginner-friendly Pottery Sampler Class, a 3-hour introductory workshop where you can learn the basics of pottery to make your cup, plate and spoon! This sensory-filled activity is great to test the waters before committing your free time to the expressive world of clay art. Clay Expression also offers classes from basic to advanced levels and studio rentals to use their equipment when you’ve decided to make pottery your newfound pastime.

🏺 Clay Expression: Book the Pottery Sampler Class here | Website | Facebook | Instagram

2. Try thrift-flipping
Thrift flipping is the process of reworking secondhand clothes to resell for a profit. It ticks off the checkboxes to make it a sustainable fashion trend, plus it allows for plenty of space for creatives to add their flair to it! (Image credit: Left - @okgostore/Instagram; Right - @delicsretail/Instagram)

Put down your pencils and pick up your sewing needles; we’re going to do some thrift-flipping this school holiday! Breathe new life into your old clothes by thrift-flipping it to make it one of a kind (and even earn some bucks back!). There are plenty of free thrift flipping tutorials available online, so all you’ll need to do is to rummage through your clothes and get your creative hat on. Need some inspiration? Pop a visit to curated pre-loved clothing stores like Okgo Store, DEL'CS, FIFTH or 2nd Street Malaysia for ideas and materials to work with.

👚 Okgo Store: Instagram | Website

👚 DEL’CS: Instagram | Website

👚 FIFTH: Instagram | Website

👚 2nd Street Malaysia: Instagram | Website

3. Learn to make sweet treats
All you need to bring to your sweet treats workshop is your excitement and appetite, as you’ll get to take home your creations! (Image credit: Left - @handsonworkshopmy/Instagram; Right - @harristonchocolate/Instagram)

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this one’s for you! Spend the school holiday by learning to make delicious desserts and bread from Hands On Workshop (H.O.W.) Academy. Not only you’ll learn to make yummy bakes, but you’ll also learn how to decorate your creations with expertise. Try out local chocolatier Harriston Chocolate's workshops for a more kid-friendly sweet treats workshop experience. Young ones will delight in learning about the making process of their favourite sweet during this workshop! Fees start from RM50 onwards at their Kuala Lumpur or Georgetown boutiques.

🍰 Hands On Workshop Academy: Check out H.O.W Academy’s workshops here | Website | Instagram | Facebook

🍫 Harriston Chocolate: Book the chocolate making workshop here | Website | Instagram | Facebook

4. Attend art workshops
Try a hand at therapeutic painting - whether on paper or cloth! (Image credit: Left - @stickerrific/Instagram; Right - @ninanuter/Instagram)

Take a breather from school by channelling your inner Picasso! Meet up with creatively-minded individuals at Stickerrific, a stationery store at Petaling Jaya that hosts monthly art and journaling workshops (and recently, book club gatherings!). For a more Malaysian art medium, walk into Ainna Artwork’s studio at Pasar Seni to try a hand at batik painting instead. We know that school can be stressful at times, and it’s essential to care for our mental health. Check out Art Therapy KL’s art therapy sessions - a guided counselling session that utilises art as an expressive outlet.

🎨 Stickerrific: Book your workshop slots at Stickerrific here | Instagram

🎨 Ainna Artwork: Instagram | Shopee (DIY kits)

🎨 Art Therapy KL: Book an Art Therapy session here | Instagram | Facebook

5. Cultivate your green thumb
(Image credit: @mossarium_kl/Instagram)

Last but not least, take some time to disconnect from technology and your studies by learning how to make a terrarium! Great as a study buddy to place on your study desk, these fuss-free miniature gardens are easy to maintain and are a soothing relief for sore eyes. Mossarium KL is a terrarium & lifestyle store that hosts guided workshops for you to join every weekend. From affordable kits to extravagant models, you can pick between your budget range to grow your very own garden in a bottle!

🌿 Mossarium KL: Check the workshop schedule and syllabus here | Instagram | Facebook | Website

And that’s a wrap of our school holiday suggestions! There’s still time left before the school holiday ends, so pick an activity to do to make your school holidays an eventful one! 😊