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Aug 23, 2021
Supriya Sivabalan

RIUH 4 Rakyat Round Up: Treats & Sweets


With the enticing aroma of espresso in the air as you sink your teeth into a warm, fluffy pastry, there’s no denying the fact that visiting little cafes and eateries is high-up on the list of simple pre-pandemic joys.

Well, who’s to say you can’t take matters into your own hands and rejoice in the lush setting of your own “home cafe” with these glorious sweet treats?

1. Halo Doughnut: Baby Doughnuts (RM15 for 10 pcs)
Yummy cinnamon-coated munchkins (Source: Halo Doughnut)

These adorable little bad boys from Halo Doughnut will steal your heart with its aromatic cinnamon-sugar coating that accentuates the delectable flavour of the sourdough...or sourdoughnut if I may. With the natural tanginess of the dough that plays into the sweet sugar, these baby doughnuts create the perfect yin and yang on the tongue. These fluffy munchkins are definitely a must-try for anyone who appreciates artisanal and well-fermented pastry.

2. Grind Shack Bottled: 1 Liter Pandan Coconut Caffe Latte (RM32.90)
Onde-onde in a bottle! (Source: Grind Shack)

Inspired by the people’s favourite nyonya kuih, the Onde-onde, Grind Shack has taken to crafting the perfect beverage for a true Malaysian. A single sip of this coffee beverage will definitely tingle your taste buds as the natural bitterness of espresso harmoniously marries the pandan and coconut flavours.

3. The Hungry Tapir: Ciao Bella Vegan Pastry Box (RM60)
Glorious Italian goodies (Source: The Hungry Tapir)

“How do I travel to Italy in this pandemic?”

Step 1: Look up an Italian Playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc. 
Step 2: Picture yourself walking down the stunning streets of Italy 
Step 3: Take a bite out of The Hungry Tapir’s Italian pastries for the full immersive experience!

The Ciao Bella Vegan Pastry Box features a tiramisu trifle, spiced apple and almond parcel, chocolate infused orange cannoli, coconut pandan bombolini, and a limoncello drizzle cake with a hibiscus glaze. Talk about tempting! Oh, and to top it off - the entire box is fully vegan!

4. WonderBrew: Buy 10 Free 2 Merdeka Promo (RM133)
A refreshing bottle of goodness  (Source: WonderBrew)

We all have those days where only a sugary, fizzy beverage can hit the spot. What if there’s an alternative that not only satisfies that craving but promises assist in improving your gut health? A potion for better digestion, healthier hair and glowy skin. - crazy, right? WonderBrew’s smorgasbord of Kombucha serves to do just that! Alluring you with refreshing and unique flavours, now’s the perfect time to stock up on these bottles full of goodness. Your mind and body will thank you.

5. Moka by Lea: Fudgy Brownies, Basque Burnt Cheesecake, Nutella Tarts, Pastries (RM29 - RM59)
The classics (Source: Moka by Lea)

Just craving the classics? These will do the trick. Picture this: Rewarding yourself from a long Zoom call meeting with a bountiful tray of decadent brownies, buttery nutella tarts and an ooey-gooey burnt cheesecake. It's the least you can do for yourself. Really. What better way to self-love than to indulge in these scrumptious goodies from Moka by Lea?

6. Huckleberry: Awesome Blackout Cake (RM 19/slice)
Heavenly chocolate on chocolate on chocolate (Source: Huckleberry)

Speaking of classics, this one's an underrated all-time fave. It’s right there in the name - this cake from Huckleberry is awesome! This rich beauty would be Bruce Bogtrotter's ultimate dream. Made up of an intense, moist 70% dark chocolate sponge with layers of chocolate pastry cream, chocolate ganache and a crumbly chocolate top, this is definitely not your run-of-the-mill chocolate cake. It screams indulgence and decadence. Pair it with a warm cuppa, and you’ve got yourself the perfect tea time treat.

7. Bo The Avocado: Avo Gula Melaka (RM11.90 - RM14.90)
The most Malaysian avocado smoothie out there. (Source: Bo The Avocado)

Striking the ideal balance between creamy and refreshing, Bo The Avocado presents the Avo Gula Melaka: an avocado smoothie like no other. This beverage is made with in-house Gula Melaka syrup and has NO preservatives, additional shortening or oils. Definitely a guilt-free treat that is sure to give you your daily boost of serotonin!

8. Real Sweet Treats: Signature Tart Box (RM85)
The Fantastic 4 of the dessert realm (Source: Real Sweet Treats)

These Real Sweet Treats are almost too pretty to eat! These stunning pastries come in a box of 4 specially curated flavours. Atop each buttery tart lies a remarkable filling that perfectly complements its yummy build. Take your taste buds on an exhilarating ride with the Calamansi, perfect for citrus lovers. Follow that up with a journey through the rich, creamy Caramel Banana and 70% Chocolate Hazelnut tarts. Then, finish it all off with the dreamy Strawberry Vanilla tart for the ultimate experience.


How can it get any sweeter than this? Well, for every RM 1 spent on selected products across these listed F&B vendors, RIUH will match your purchase amount to be donated to 4 selected COVID-19 relief efforts as part of the RIUH 4 Rakyat initiative in conjunction with RIUH’s 4th birthday!

So, the best part of indulging in these tempting treats is that you’d also be giving back to communities in need! And the cherry on top? All participating vendors get to keep 100% of their sales proceeds. This will be your last week to place your orders as RIUH 4 Rakyat ends this 31st August.