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Royale Culture by Komuniti Tukang Jahit

ROYALE CULTURE BY KOMUNITI TUKANG JAHIT assembles the best product handsewn exclusively by the tailors in KTJ for your best experience of Malaysian Batik items. Our latest Batik Batu Seremban is a part of the Warisan Merdeka, in attempt to relive the glory days of the once spectacular traditional games here in Malaysia. Let us take you on a journey back to the old times when traditional games win the heart of the nation. Unfold this little time travel and enjoy the beautiful hand-sewn Batu Seremban in vibrant and dashing batik print, as a way to remember the good times of our gathering with friends and family. Make this the new trend virtually or physically and embrace the timeless tradition of once a popular game in Malaysia. This coming Hari Kebangsaan, no matter where you are, let’s lift the spirit of togetherness, and know that you’re not only helping our tailor’s community but 2 more social enterprises that look out to their community in need.
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