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Ili Pot Delivery is the first Halal Steamboat and Grill Delivery Service, brought to you by Ili Sulaiman. With just a click away, Ili Pot delivers everything you need from our kitchen to your doorstep, within an hour. And when we say everything, it really IS everything: the pot, grill, burner, cutleries, bowls, table cover, soup, sauces, and all the ingredients… packed neatly in a bag. All you need is a table and you are ready for a Steamboat and Grill! The cuisine as one would put it as ‘…if we Malaysians were to eat Malaysian, Japanese, Korean, Thai or any other Asian food, what would we do?’ Ili is sharing her soup flavours, marinades, special dipping sauces and an additional option to purchase her Signature Chili Oil through Ili Pot. All these flavours are inspired by her heritage, travels and the Asian pop culture. Thoroughly tested and loved by her family and friends over the years, we are now happy to announce that these delicious flavours are available through Ili Pot Delivery.
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