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Jul 28, 2021
Eff Hakim

The 5 Stages of Lockdown - A Playlist


We’ve entered the second half of 2021, but prospects of hope and freedom become bleaker as the days go by. The new norm is nothing but mundane, stagnant, and at times, anxiety inducing. We are spending more time indoors than we're physically and mentally capable of. So it is no secret that we feel upset and aggravated for most of the time.

A lot of our true feelings lie beneath the surface. We may go about our days without much thought or real confrontation of the shock and anger. But there is catharsis in getting those feelings out, and to help you express them, here is a playlist to move you through the various stages of lockdown:

1. Kiga (MY): Disko Sendiri – A bop to start your MCO with since you still have that blind optimism in you.
Source: KIGA Instagram

Remember the early days of every MCO? That “I'm going to fill my time with things I’ve never had the time to do before” mentality. You have a to-do list, you carve out a routine, and you say to yourself that this time is going to be different. You're not diving into the deep end just yet and you just want to live in your blind optimism. *cough* You're in denial *cough*.

Other bops for this stage:
Dizkopolis feat Froya (MY): Work it Out
The Venopian Solitude (MY): Tenangkan Bontot Anda

2. Satwo (MY): Gelap - For when you are ready to come to terms with how sad things are.
Source: SATWO Instagram

You’ve exhausted every possible activity there is to do at home, or you've just lost all motivation. You suddenly have a tear running down your cheek which was weird because you thought you were doing fine before. Well, now you’re not. And you ae sad. OH MY GOD YOU ARE SAD, AND YOU DON'T THINK YOU CAN HOLD IT IN ANY LONGER. Well go ahead now, go cry a big one out.

Other sad songs to listen to:
FUGŌ (MY): Lagu Balada Kala Hujan
The Pinholes feat Takahara Suiko (SG/MY): Kembali

3. LUST (MY): Hedonist - Get angry.
Source: LUST Bandcamp

After numerous crying sessions, you want to make yourself some tea, but you realise you've run out. You think to yourself "I'll just pop by the grocers real quick". But then you remember the numbers of cases are on the rise, and just as you get in your car, you run back into the house because you left your SECOND mask and it's crazy not to double mask these days. It’s coincidentally the weekend before the stricter lockdown is imposed, and everyone and their moms are at the grocery store stocking up, so you can't find parking and when you finally get to the grocers you're at the back of a 10 meter line and there isn't enough space to properly social distance yourself from other people. What was once a 10-minute journey to the store and back has now become a marathon of stress. Just thinking about this turns your face red. This is rage.

Other angry songs to rage to:
Lurkgurl (MY): The News/Make Believe
Hindia (ID): Secukupnya

4. Islands feat Lurkgurl (MY): Teenage breakdown – A song for nostalgia.
Source: Islands Instagram

Due to isolation and the ample amount of self-reflection, you're beginning to reminisce memories you’ve otherwise forgotten. Being forced to stay at home feels a lot like getting grounded, and the rage you felt before sparks teenage angst and rebellion. But you're also longing for that feeling from your carefree youthful days. You’re just an edgy DIY haircut away from returning to your 17 year old self - you're sure living like one as we speak.

Other songs to evoke your inner teenager:
Alien Lipstick Fire (MY): Powerlines
Dubai Tax Fare (MY): Blue

5. FUAD (MY): Jupiter’s Moon - A song for one moment you felt some peace.
Source: FUAD Instagram

One day you wake up, and you don't feel as heavy. You're a little confused, but the joy you feel is genuine and comes easy. You're grateful to still be here, to have a roof over your head, to still have your loved ones, or any other silver lining this pandemic has brought upon your life. In the midst of this strange whirlwind of emotions, you've found a small yet profound moment of peace and clarity.

Other songs like this:
Ramayan (MY): Lamunan Anak Bulan

The playlist can be found on RIUH's Spotify: RIUH in the City.

All song suggestions can be found in our playlist, curated by the writer here:
Have a listen and let us know what you think / feel!

The pandemic is a strange teacher. We hope you have found pockets of solace in adjusting to this new normal, and remember that you are not alone. There’s nothing that can be said that hasn’t been said already, we are living in an unprecedented time and it is perfectly normal, if not crucial that we take the time we need to process this whole ordeal and just be a bit kinder to ourselves.