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Feb 8, 2022
Izzat Haziq

#RIUHVisits: Bad Taste, An Illustration Exhibition [REVIEW]

Photo credit: @meethekawan on Instagram

Art in itself is a rather subjective matter and what one considers as trash could be another man’s masterpiece. While society, as a whole, tends to gravitate towards visually pleasing stimuli, there are also those, among us, who are very fond of finding beauty in ruins.

Bad Taste: An Illustration Exhibition brings together a band of artists and their very own interpretation of art in its crooked form. The exhibition features 11 local talents together with international artists from countries including Britain, Hong Kong, Indonesia, just to name a few.

I had the chance to catch this showcase, which took place at Lostgens’ Contemporary Art Space over the last couple of weeks and suffice to say that, it’s as if I was looking camp right in the eye. 

A pleasure to Meet The Kawan

Caption: Lostgens Art Space at Jalan Panggong, Kuala Lumpur

The idea behind this contemporary illustration exhibition came from the minds of three exceptional artists, @minifanfan, @yunroo_ , @yuwenong that make up Meet The Kawan collective.

Pushing the juxtaposition of  “bad” and “taste” at the forefront of the exhibition resulted in an absolute abundance of artworks ranging from digital collage, sculpture, installations and more. Some spoke to me more than others. But ultimately, all are equally thought-provoking and profound in their own way.

What’s so bad about Bad Taste?

These artworks touch the realm of both important and also, somewhat trivial issues of the humankind such as pure disdain towards tacky interior decor, annoying “Good Morning” greetings on Whatsapp (usually circulated in your extended family’s group chat) to a critique to poor urban planning in the cities and advocating body positivity in spite of gross societal standards.

And I guess in its entirety, these pieces have a voice of their own—one that reflects the artists’ inner life and inadvertently resonates with us over universal truths.

Here are some of the many artworks showcased during the exhibition, captured via the cracked lens of my iPhone camera.

From clockwise: Animal totem installation, severed fingers alongside a plate of pizza (The Feast, mixed media by @yuwenong) and a bunch of cute characters on the wall (The Neighbour, polymer clay and acrylic by @minifanfan)
Caption: Real Estate, Real Problems (Digital, 29.7 x 42cm) by Bridha Kumar

Whilst this exhibition has ended, Lostgens Art Space definitely has other exhibitions and even workshops planned in the future. Do follow them on their Instagram page to stay in the loop.