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Feb 14, 2022
Jodi Yip

RIUH Writer’s Ultimate Valentine’s Guide


Ah… the season of cliches, discounted chocolates and sappy playlists is now upon us. Whether or not you are a single pringle living your best life or a couple in paradise amidst the unpredictable Malaysian weather, Valentine’s this year is going to be a fun-filled one. And yes, for both indoors and outdoors! So, if you’re looking to switch up your season of love this year, here is a carefully curated guide of tips, event & gift ideas by yours truly.

1) Treats, Treats, TREATS!

No matter the season, food has never been NOT an option. I don’t know about you, but Valentine’s day is a day that I would gift myself a gastronomical adventure. If there isn’t enough space, dessert shall go to the heart (and I meant that figuratively). Nothing like a sugary sweet treat with a side of rom-coms to get you through after a tiring Monday, am I right? Or hey, with a side of any film or book totally works too. Here is one of the team’s favourites that you should keep a look out for:

Conversation Heart Cupcakes by @poppycherrypop
2) Mask On, Stress Off! (I don’t mean your face mask, but keep it on when you’re out please.)

One would think Valentine’s day is an unsaid holiday. Reality is, it is a Monday and you are still stuck in rush hour on the way home. Your feet are probably starting to ache and your energy depleting as the caffeine starts to clock out from their day’s work. When you get home, this is a fool proof routine that I highly recommend that you should do immediately:

  1. Take a hot, hot shower to wash away the days’ worth of stress and tiredness (you did well, bestie!)
  2. Take your time to do your skincare ritual or slather on your preferred face mask
  3. Lit your favourite candle or switch on your preferred wallflower scent
  4. Lie on your bed, close your eyes and be in the present while your skin soak up that goodness!
Lots of Love Bundle by

I know these steps may sound like a no-brainer, mundane even, but how often do we take them for granted? Exactly. So do check out our friends at to help enhance your DIY spa day/night at home.

3) “Where do you wanna go?” “I don’t know lah, anywhere.”

Yes, this two-liner couplet does not exempt itself during V-Day either. In fact, it might even be the most used. I’m guilty of this repeating conversation mainly because I’m usually the one answering (oops!). And you would think ‘anywhere’ would satisfy, but it never usually does so let me make it easier for you (& the people around you). There are some attractive upcoming events heading your way that could be your anywhere(s).

‘Honey, all the restaurants were full’ by  @philspizza

Pssst… they have heart-shaped pizzas!

4) Spread the Love

All cliches aside, Valentine’s is ultimately a season of love — love to oneself, love to another, love towards, well, anything really. Who is to say Valentine’s Day should only be catered to people and things we know? In such times, we all need that little sprinkle of compassion, kindness and love around.

They don’t have to be life-changing, movie-worthy deeds. We can start small by making sure the people around you are doing alright, saying ‘thank you’ to our friends in the service industry and supporting our local businesses. As a person who used to be working part-time in the F&B industry, a simple act of just smiling at us can really brighten up our busy day. Hence, spread the love dear readers!

5) Get that Bling!

What’s a better way to jazz up your date outfit other than adding some blings here and there? Whether they are for yourself or anyone else, these blushing pink and red hues of accessories will sure to compliment whoever that is wearing them.

Valentine’s Collection by @heartofathena

6) Lay-off your Devices (please)

Yes, as the title states, it is time to lay-off from your devices and spend proper quality time with your loved ones. Do you remember a time where conversations did not revolve around showing anything on our phones or tablets? To talk about the happenings of the day or what you’re looking forward to in the coming  months?

This Valentine’s day, take yourself and your loved ones out to one of our recommended local events or stay home snuggled in for a board-game night. Some of our cult favourites would be The Malaysian Dream and The Lepak Game!

7) Gifting

Last but not least, gifts! Now, the act of gifting is very special on its own and will always leave a lasting impression to both the your loved ones and yourself. If you’re one to usually worry over what to get, I got you covered!

With most of us working from home, nothing like a good ol’ mug of coffee by your side all day (it’s usually tea for me!). Either way, enter in these absolutely ADORABLE tufted coasters. These coasters are not only aesthetic onto your desk but keeps your mug steady and stable all day. Just look at them, they are like mini welcome mats for your mugs!

Tufted coasters by

I hope this small guide of sorts will help make your day of love a whole lot better. To check out our full list of recommendations, head over to our Instagram page @riuhinthecity for more information. With that, the team and I wish our readers a wonderful Valentine’s Day!