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Aug 16, 2021
Charmaine Shaharin

RIUH 4 Rakyat Round Up: Styling with Local Brands


We have known August to be a joyful month filled with celebrations, events and glamorous sales but given the current pandemic situation, it looks like our plans of dressing up and attending local events (like RIUH!) would have to be put on hold. However, don’t feel too bummed. Instead, use dressing up as home to perk yourself up. In conjunction with RIUH 4 Rakyat, we’ve compiled an amazing list of well-known local fashion and beauty brands that will elevate your style from the comfort of your homes.

Midnight Face Mask by LTTL (RM50)
Credit: LTTL

The face mask has turned into a permanent fashion accessory amidst the pandemic. It looks like we’ll be wearing masks for a long while, which gives us all the more reason to purchase one that's not just reusable, but is also stylish. Look no further than LTTL’s reusable tie-string midnight masks that come in shades of green, dusty pink, henna and sage. Made from excess fabric, each mask comes with one PM 2.5 filter and one iron-on flower patch.

RIUH recommends: Pairing them with a tank top or t-shirt and jeans when you’re out for a quick coffee / pastry / grocery run.

Tari Gang Gincu Lip Cream by SO.LEK Cosmetics (RM39)
Credit: SO.LEK Cosmetics

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to dab on a little colour to your lips. And what better way than with SO.LEK Cosmetics’ Tari Gang Gincu Lip Creams. Named after well-known traditional dances such as Joget, Inai, Inang and Zapin, the Tari gang lip creams come in different sheer and blushing shades of red, pink and subtle nude brown. Having them on your lips will not only be moisturising and long-lasting but will also instantly transform your natural stay-at-home look to be livelier and vibrant.

RIUH recommends: Wearing these for your back to back zoom meetings.

Infinity Hoop by Olena Jewellery (RM350)
Credit: Olena Jewellery

Finding a piece of jewellery that’s able to match any fit can sometimes be tricky. Therefore, an old faithful classic to turn to when in doubt would be the infinity hoop earrings from Olena Jewellery. This must-have staple contains 18k Yellow Gold Vermeil pieces and is studded with an endless ring of Cubic Zirconia - undoubtedly making it a timeless and versatile adornment to any outfit.

RIUH recommends: These hoop earrings are the blueprint for achieving the perfect minimalistic and effortless look. Pair them with a plain white or neutral coloured shirt with some black layered pants and let the power of the accessory shine.

WrapIT Nails Collection By WrapIt Nails (RM23)
Credit: WrapIT Nails

As nail salons continue to remain closed, and some of us aren't home-manicure experts, alternative methods to achieve coloured / patterned nails have surfaced. WrapIT Nails has got your back covered with their nail wrap design collection that features abstract, floral and glitter nail wraps. With its quick and easy fool-proof application, you can give your nails that little boost of personality.

RIUH recommends: Getting cute designs from the kids range as well, so you can have a little mother-daughter / sisters bonding time.

Royale Culture by Komuniti Tukang Jahit (RM19-RM70)
Credit: Komuniti Tukang Jahit

It's not difficult to spot a batik print from a distance due to its rich, vibrant and floral designs. It's great to know that the Batik tradition still lives on, especially with many local brands such as Royale Culture by Komuniti Tukang Jahit embracing it by creating exclusive hand-sewn fashion and homeware products. Komuniti Tukang Jahit is also a social enterpriseto empower and provide employment to B40 womenoyale Culture's most pledged product is Batik Batu Seremban, but other items include facemasks, pouches, tote bags, yoga mat bags and a foodie kit.

RIUH recommends: Adding a splash of colour to a minimal outfit with a batik pouch or batik face mask.

Metal accessories by Poppylab (RM29- RM199)
Credits: Poppylab

Metal jewellery is versatile in that it can be styled minimally, or layered for a more complex look. Poppylab’s metal accessories can help you do just that, due to its monochromatic colour palette and a variety of both plain and bold pieces.

RIUH recommends: Pairing their flat curb chain with a plain white tee.


As RIUH marks its 4th year of supporting and championing the local creative industry, they are once again providing a space for not one but 40 curated retail and F&B brands to be the mechanics behind giving back to COVID-19 Relief Organisations. Shop, experience and participate in RIUH 4 Rakyat from now till 31st August.