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Aug 25, 2021
Izzat Haziq

RIUH 4 Rakyat Round Up: Make It A Meal


We know you’ve missed hanging out in cafes and restaurants. There’s a certain kind of joy in the act of taking flat lays of your brunch, all while getting carried away in carefree conversations with your friends. The same goes for those candid-not-candid Instagram stories of everyone around the table—all these moments seem to exist so far back in time, it's as if we're living in a different century altogether.

While there is no telling when we can all dine-in without having to fear for our life, the next best thing we could hold on to is the fact that takeouts are here to stay. Fast food franchises aside, there is an abundance of local F&B brands that serve delicious and lip-smacking ready-to-eat meals that will leave you craving for seconds.

Best of all, you can enjoy these in the comfort and safety of your own home. Check out this list of F&B brands that offer food delivery for days when you feel like avoiding the kitchen at all costs.

1. ILIPOT: Set Madu Tiga BBQ Grill (RM99.90)
Scrumptious Set Madu Tiga BBQ for a sizzling good time (Source: ILIPOT)

Kicking off this list is Set Madu Tiga BBQ Grill by celebrity chef Ili Sulaiman’s ILIPOT. This set includes all the proteins you’ll ever need, such as chicken and beef slices and bite-sized seafood, as well as an assortment of veggies and four different dipping sauces to choose from. As implied in the name, this BBQ grill set is enough to feed two to three pax, but we promise we won’t judge if you’re ordering this all for yourself.

2. RAGE Coffee: Cheezburg (RM24)
RAGE Coffee’s Cheezeburg is a beauty and the beef (Source: RAGE Coffee)

Craving for that All-American cheeseburger? Prepare to be blown away by RAGE Coffee’s Cheezburg that has all the components for a mouth-watering bite. Perfect comfort food that surely will put a smile on your face.

3. Picha Eats: Ready-to-Heat Meals Merdeka Special (RM114)
Picha Eats’ wide range of menu feels like home, and fills you up real quick too! (Source: Picha Eats)

Picha Eats offers meal subscription service inspired by local and international flavours, and they're doing it for the right cause — by partnering up with chefs from the refugee community. Their delicious Ready-to-Heat Meals menu selection ranges from western classics such as baked macaroni to the Middle East Asian staples like couscous and koftas. Each meal plan is customisable in terms of the menus you’d want to opt for, and you can have them delivered to your front door weekly or monthly.

4. Cafe Includes - Seksyen 9: Any food item on GrabFood (RM3 - RM39)
Nothing beats a hot meal at an affordable price (Source: Cafe Includes)

Stressing over what to eat for the day? Check out Cafe Includes - Seksyen 9 on GrabFood as they offer a wide selection of all-day eats, and pastries, too. Here you’ll find beloved Malaysian menus such as Kari Kapitan, Nasi Ayam and Nasi Dagang (yum!) all at budget prices. Talk about indulging yourself without breaking the bank, amirite?

5. The Bao Guys: Mega Bao Box (RM65)
Bao down to the reigning champs from The Bao Guys (Source: The Bao Guys)

Up next is the Mega Bao Box by The Bao Guys. Rumour has it that they serve the best bao (steamed buns with savory fillings) in town, with fan favorites such as Cluck Norris, which is crispy fried chicken with Japanese Egg Mayo & gherkins pinched under pillowy soft buns and the seafood twist, Onz like the Prawnz. This time around, though, they’re upping up the ante with the Mega Bao Box. Why limit yourself to one bao when you can have six different baos for you to savour in? 

6. Kurimibites: Mentai rice series in PARTYBĪTES size (RM80 - RM130)
Kurimibites is mad for mentai, all day, every day (Source: Kurimibites)

Looking to expand your culinary horizon? Dip your toes into true-blue Japanese cuisine with PARTYBĪTES by Kurimibites, where you can sample a range of mentai rice to fill your appetite. In the simplest sense, think of this mentai as savoury toppings on top of a bed of rice, blowtorched to perfection. And at Kurimibites, you can expect a variety of menu such as Snow Crab mentai, Chicken Enoki mentai, Salmon Kani mentai and many more, all of which tick the right boxes for a Japanese lunchtime thrill! 


And there you have it, folks. The best deals in town to keep you covered when the hunger pang strikes. 

We can’t think of an easier way to give back to the communities in need. Thus, in conjunction with the RIUH 4 Rakyat initiative, every RM 1 spent on meals above and across our listed F&B vendors, we’ll match your purchase amount to be donated to COVID-19 relief efforts which makes all the difference in these trying times. 

The RIUH 4 Rakyat initiative ends this 31st August, so place your orders now and join us in fighting the good fight!