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Aug 13, 2021
Lisa Ameera

RIUH 4 Rakyat Round Up: Local Gems to Pamper Yourself with at Home


Picture this: You’ve had a long week and all you want to do is pamper yourself at home with some much needed TLC, perhaps something a little more than your daily skincare routine. In conjunction with RIUH 4 Rakyat, we’ve compiled some exciting local products that champion relaxation and self care just for you. Forget last week’s woes and create the spiritual unwinding experience you’ve always wanted with these homegrown gems.

Deeper Zzz with iWell Natural’s Batik Lavender Eye Mask (RM125)
Credit: iWell Natural

The dangerous combination of endless hours at work and being stuck in a pandemic has unfortunately resulted in skyrocketing burnout rates. Getting a good night’s sleep can make a world of a difference for someone who lives to hustle and lacks rest. If improving sleep quality is on your to-do list, give iWell Natural’s Batik Lavender Eye Mask a try.

Designed for total blackout and deep sleep, this locally made eye mask creates an exceptional sleeping experience. It is filled with real Lavender, carrying an aroma popularly known to promote relaxation and improve sleep. The oversized eye mask would have no problem blocking light that typically creeps in from the corners. The only problem you’d face is choosing your favourite from the nine beautiful batik designs. 

The eye mask is light enough that it doesn’t cause a strain on your forehead and based on the rave reviews, many have found them effective in improving sleep and each one talks about its phenomenal scent. It seems iWell Natural’s Batik Lavender Eye Mask does the job of two individual items, an eye mask and aromatherapy, and it does it very well.

Stay Scent-sational with ANBO’s Limited Edition Gratitude Candle (RM99)
Credit: ANBO

Scented candles have long been an essential self care item for many of us. Their ability to transform the vibe of an entire space is unparalleled. With different kinds of wax and an entire universe of scents, there isn’t anything that can set the mood quite like a scented candle. Our pick for creating an atmosphere filled with whimsy: ANBO’s Limited Edition Gratitude Series

With an impressive burn time of up to 35 hours, Gratitude’s premium blend of Hibiscus, Kaffir Lime & Peppermint makes for a heavenly floral medley reminiscent of oceanside villas reserved for special vacations. The scent evokes a cheerful, celebratory energy, making it the perfect gift for party hosts and people who love self-indulgence (perhaps your Taurus friends). Or just people who generally love an ultimately ravishing aroma. 

ANBO’s hand-poured, 100% pure beeswax Gratitude candle comes in a beautifully handcrafted ceramic vessel and wood cover that would easily beautify any given countertop. Having been made carefully by hand means every piece is individually unique and has its own character. Not just that, these vessels make a one of a kind storage for knick knacks for when you’ve run out of wax. Speaking of sustainability, all their paper materials are biodegradable and recyclable!

Soothe and Smooth with By Eggs’ Watermelon Sorbet Soothing Clay Mask (RM69)
Credit: By Eggs

Is your self-care routine truly complete without an extensive shower regime? Whether it’s playing music through waterproof speakers, lighting a candle to set the tone or turning on mood lighting to relax, pampering yourself is made much easier when you have soothing products by your side. Here’s a product that can be used in the shower or on its own: By Eggs’ Watermelon Sorbet Soothing Clay Mask. 

Created with soothing Calamine and skin-strengthening Vitamin E, your skin will enjoy a spa-like pampering affair, have its impurities removed and also experience skin repair. By Eggs’ yummy Watermelon Sorbet Soothing Clay Mask is an absolute delight for those who love fruity-scented products. 

Lathering this on to your skin would have you feeling like you’re on cloud nine, like Katy Perry in her California Gurls music video. It can also double up as a skin exfoliator as it contains natural walnut granules. Besides impressive skincare benefits, By Eggs’ extremely cute packaging would lighten up any bathroom it sits in.

Get Glowing with The Mineraw’s Glow Serum Face Oil (RM100)
Credit: The Mineraw

There was a time when oils were vilified and people stayed away for fear of blocked pores and appearing greasy but in recent years, it has become a holy grail skincare product. There’s a reason why dermatologists and beauty experts consistently recommend them. Our pick for a local face oil that’ll leave you glowing: The Mineraw’s Glow Serum Face Oil

Although some oils cater specifically for dry or oily skin, the Glow Serum Face Oil is a serum moisturiser that suits all skin types, including acne-prone skin. The Glow Serum Face Oil can be used day and night. All it takes to unlock this golden elixir is 2 drops on freshly cleansed skin. You’ll discover its true power of skin brightening and clearing acne before you reveal your final form as a glowy goddess with soft, supple skin. 

A highlight of The Mineraw’s Glow Serum Face Oil is that it only has FIVE ingredients! No mumbo jumbo, just great quality core ingredients that people love. The fusion of jojoba, tea tree and rosehip makes for a celestial floral scent that transports them into an otherworldly, ethereal realm. Just read any of their reviews and you’ll know it’s the real deal.

A Celebration For Good – In Support of The People, Through The Creatives

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