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Aug 26, 2021
Supriya Sivabalan

#RIUH 4 Rakyat Round-Up: Local Cooking Made Easier


Be honest - how long have you spent scrolling through the same familiar restaurants on Food Panda, Grab or any other food delivery platform pondering the dreaded question - “What should I eat today, ah?”

It can get boring waking up to the same food options around you every day. Sometimes all you want is a hearty home cooked meal to warm your belly. Fresh off the stove and right into your tummy, that kind of meal really does hit different. 

As much as cooking is the labour of love, it can definitely be a chore. Fret not! Here are 3 local F&B brands that have crafted a variety of scrumptious food packs to assist in jazzing up your cooking adventures with ease.

1. Agak Agak Nyonya: Peranakan Experience Gift Pack (RM68)
Nyonya flavours galore! (Source: Agak Agak Nyonya)

The complexity of Nyonya cooking is truly unmatched. The intense flavours you experience when devouring the cuisine is incomparable. For those unfamiliar with Nyonya food, here’s a quick crash course: Also commonly known as Peranakan cuisine, Nyonya cuisine is a blend of Chinese cooking elements with influence from Indo-Malay flavours, herbs and spices. It originates from descendants of early Chinese migrants who intermarried with local Malays, birthing a fusion unlike any other.

Agak Agak Nyonya has curated and refined a Peranakan Experience Gift Pack so that you can indulge in these unique (and typically, hard to achieve) Malaysian flavours from your own home. The gift pack comes with 7 different cooking pastes including true Nyonya classics like Pongteh, Nyonya Asam Pedas and Masak Lemak Nanas. Having these pastes stocked up in the kitchen is sure to bring more exciting homemade meals to your dinner table with little to no fuss. Gone are the days where you would have to drive all the way to the supermarket to pick up that one spice which may be lacking in your pantry.

One paste for each day of the week. (Source: Agak Agak Nyonya)

Now, in minutes, your kitchen will be wafting with the heavenly aromas of authentic Nyonya cooking. Just put on a gorgeous Kebaya while serving your Agak Agak Nyonya dishes and you could even fool your loved ones into thinking you’re a culinary genius!

Psst! Here’s a tip: Check out Agak Agak Nyonya’s IGTV for Nyonya cooking tips and tricks with their pastes.

2. Langit Collective: Beras Sia’ Heirloom Red Rice (RM23)

Now, what’s more Malaysian than being able to appreciate the beauty of good rice? Warm and fluffy as each grain separates itself on the tongue, good rice is truly an art form. Langit Collective acknowledges and champions the art of rice as they bring you the best heirloom rice varieties and aromatic Bornean spices directly from the farm gates to your home!

Heirloom Red Rice is an absolute stunner. (Source: Langit Collective)

Beras Sia’ Heirloom Red Rice is a variation of heirloom rice offered by the brand which is planted in the stunning highlands of Borneo. Upon cooking, this ruby red heirloom packs a slightly nutty flavour that complements its fluffy texture, thus making it the perfect base to pair with your dishes. Not to mention that while enjoying Beras Sia’, your body is also getting antioxidants, protein, dietary fibre and vitamin D. Yummy and healthy, talk about win-win!

Langit Collective has tons of appetizing recipes based on heirloom rice featured on their website including Nasi Ulam, Nasi Dagang, Vegan Yam Rice and even a spiced rice pudding! Be it sweet or savoury, the options are endless when it comes to cooking with rice. Time to get your hands on Beras’ Sia and start crafting in the kitchen!

3. AYA Real Food: Trio All Star (RM38.70)
The trio with flavours that pack a punch! (Source: AYA Real Food)

Crunchy, salty and savoury - Karashi Bilis by AYA Real Food is the perfect ready-to-eat snack that doubles as a garnish to elevate your dishes to the next level. With the crispiest crushed fried anchovies marinated in an aromatic spice blend, Karashi Bilis comes in 3 different flavours as part of the Trio All Star pack to suit all taste buds.

First off, there’s the regular ol’ Karashi Bilis that champions its classic flavours, staying true-blue to the original recipe that AYA Real Food has crafted in their kitchen. Then, we have the garlic infused Karashi Bilis which serves as the perfect topper to give your meals that extra garlicky oomph. Following that is the very intriguing Kombu based Karashi Bilis that is guaranteed to shake things up in the flavour department given the unconventional, yet ingenious pairing of flavours.

Tempted to grab some but need more recipe ideas for your Karashi Bilis? We got you! Sweet potatoes, tossed noodles, spicy wings and sambal petai are some examples of the wide range of foods that gel beautifully with the Karashi Bilis. What range! Alternatively, you could just start putting them on everything you eat. Yes, it’s really that versatile.


If treating your taste buds isn’t reason enough for you to click checkout on these items, guess what?  For every RM 1 spent on selected products across these listed F&B vendors, RIUH will match your purchase amount to be donated to 4 selected COVID-19 relief efforts as part of the RIUH 4 Rakyat initiative in conjunction with RIUH’s 4th birthday!

There’s no better time to give these brands a try than NOW, as this will be your last chance to place your orders. RIUH 4 Rakyat ends this 31st August.