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Aug 20, 2021
Charmaine Wong

RIUH 4 Rakyat Round-Up: 7 Fun Activities To Do At Home This Weekend


Running out of weekend ideas to do on your days off? Whether you’re spending this seemingly never-ending lockdown alone or with your loved ones, let’s face it; there are only so many virtual game nights one can plan and doom-scrolling isn’t helping either.

Don’t fret! In conjunction with RIUH 4 Rakyat where RIUH will match the amount of your purchase to be donated to selected COVID-19 relief efforts, we’ve rounded up a fun list of local brands that produce crafts and fun activities you can do (alone or with your family!) from the comfort of your home.

1. Perk up your everyday routines with Pink&Z’s Cheer Up Sets (RM65)
I Am Myself Cheer Up Sets (Source: Pink&Z)

Carefully curated to zhush up your mood, Pink&Z’s I Am Myself Cheer Up Sets include a scented candle, a sticker sheet for your journal, a scrunchie and even a cute crochet coaster for your cuppa tea. The only stress you’ll face is choosing your preferred set!

RIUH Recommends: Of course, a little self-care is more than a bubble bath and burning a scented candle. Don’t forget to check in with yourselves, identify what helps recharge your batteries and seek help when we need it!

2. Engage in child's play with Dough Little’s Premium Starter Kit (RM 80)
Personalised starter kit doughy delights (Source: Dough Little)

If you're a parent then this will make for some family-fun time! Play with your kids this weekend and let your imagination run free with Dough Little’s kit which comes in a personalised box with your kids’ names on it!

Each kit contains 5 freshly-made pieces of lightly-scented dough in blue, green, orange, red and yellow, a mushroom squisher, a safari animal figurine and an animal cutter.

RIUH Recommends: Carve out craft time with your kids this weekend where both parents and kids can work on their dough / clay creations together.

3. Write your friends or family a snail-mail postcard with Loka Made  (RM2 - RM20) 
Quintessentially Malaysian Stationeries by Loka Made (Source: Loka Made)

As we’re all encouraged to stay home, we have to look for creative ways to stay connected in these disconnected times. A text is expected, but you could surprise your loved ones with a handwritten postcard from Loka Made instead!

Loka Made puts the fun in seeing beyond the bits and pieces of what make up Malaysia and infuses the Malaysian identity into their products which include postcards, stickers, pouches, greeting cards etc. 

RIUH Recommends: Send your loved ones a socially distanced hug in a postcard with the Malaysia Postcard Collectibles Set F that features a bunch of pandemic-related encouragements.

4. Make your own card holder from scratch with Fourjei: Leather Craft Kit (RM90 - RM99)
Try your hand at leather crafting (Source: Fourjei)

Spring cleaning and found a bunch of business cards with no where to put them? Fourjei, a Malaysian brand that handcrafts genuine leather and canvas bags, offers the opportunity to try handcrafting a leather card holder through their DIY Leather Craft Kit. It’s also a great gift idea!

RIUH Recommends: The kit comes in 4 different colours for you to choose from. We're personally loving the Maroon one as it gives off a rustic, rugged feel.

5. Journal your thoughts and feelings into Lineae Luxury Notebooks & Journals (RM25 - RM160) 
Lineae Ola Curve Print Notebook (Source: Lineae)

During these trying times, it’s important to take some time off to consider how we’re feeling and find that causal magic within our day. Make your journaling experience a cosy delight with Lineae’s enchanting range of notebooks. The unique and minimalist look and feel of these exquisite journals allow your mind and thoughts to fill each page in creative exploration or quiet reflection.

RIUH Recommends: New to journaling? Start with a 5-minute daily gratitude practice, by answering these prompts and reflect on them after a week: 

6. Solve a puzzle from PICO OLO (RM89 - RM179)
PICO OLO Puzzle Collection (Source: PICO OLO)

Not only do puzzles help us focus on the present, but it’s also a great bonding activity you can do with your loved ones. Revisit the satisfaction of the final piece ‘click’ with puzzle collections from local design house, PICO OLO.

PICO OLO puzzle collections feature amazing local designers and artists like Bono Stellar and Fritilldea, in addition to their unique in-house designs; making them great pieces of art decor upon completion.

RIUH Recommends: Customize a puzzle with your preferred name on it and gift it to yourself or somebody who has been there for you this past year.

7. Get crafty with Clayground Crafts’ Clayground Basic Kit (RM80) 
Get crafty with clay (Source: Clayground Crafts)

Put your phone down and make something with your hands! Get crafty with Clayground Crafts’ Basic Kit to get you started on making your trinket tray or a candle holder. Don’t know where to start? Each kit comes with clay, crafting tools, paint and a little instruction sheet showing you how to create some basic clay creations.

RIUH Recommends: Pakat with your friends and craft together on a Zoom craft jam. The more the merrier, kan?


As you unwind this weekend with your new hobbies and activities, check out other events happening under RIUH 4 Rakyat this month to give back to the community by supporting our local creatives and small businesses.

For every RM1 spent on the selected products across the vendors, RIUH will match the amount of your purchase to be donated to COVID-19 relief efforts. So, shop around and experience RIUH 4 Rakyat from the comfort of your homes, while giving back to communities in need!