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Apr 23, 2021
Choong Yene

Nyonya Kain - A Brand With Heart


Dayana Reza, founder of Nyonya Kain is more than just an entrepreneur. She’s got a big heart, and has mobilised her brand to truly make a difference in many lives, through charity campaigns, projects and collaborations. In a sea of local brands, Nyonya Kain has caught the eye of the RIUH team for her constant charitable efforts. We take a look at her upcoming Raya campaign, and past projects that make this brand heaven-sent.

From Nyonya Kain's Raya 2021 campaign. Credits: Nyonya Kain.

Nyonya Kain’s Raya 2021 campaign is in collaboration with Busy Boarders – an independent rescuer and shelter for stray animals. As an animal lover herself, Dayana mentioned that this has been one of the most exciting and fulfilling charitable collaborations Nyonya Kain has ever been a part of. With 10% of their pop-upsales proceeds being channelled to Busy Boarders’ animal rescue efforts, Nyonya Kain aims to raise at least RM1,000 between March and May 2021. You can support this effort as Nyonya Kain will be having a pop-up at our Tiffin Ber-RIUH Raya event this 1st and 2nd May!

Nyonya Kain at a pop-up. Credits: Nyonya Kain.

This isn’t the first time Dayana has contributed back to society through her brand. Most recently, and ever since the onset of the pandemic, Nyonya Kain has collaborated with various NGOs and organisations to make an impact. Two are worth mentioning - the first being Nyonya Kain MCO Care Package Initiatives – Collaboration with Mercy Malaysia & Teach For Malaysia (TFM), and the other Nyonya Kain x#MyDeliveryHeroes, #KitaJagaRakyat initiative.

Poster for their Care Package Initiative, in collaboration with Teach For Malaysia.

Nyonya Kain introduced a fun and batik-fulway to send gifts to family and friends, with care packages ranging from RM35 to RM135, giving customers the option to curate the items and print of their choice, along with a specialised note for the intended recipient. The lack of opportunities to showcase their products at physical bazaars badly impacted Nyonya Kain’s business. According to Dayana, this initiative enabled them to clear out their inventory and stay afloat throughout the pandemic. During the first MCO, RM5 from every box purchased was donated to Mercy Malaysia for their COVID-19 relief efforts. And over this most recent MCO, for every box purchased, RM5 was donated to support Teach For Malaysia for their role in providing educational support nationwide.

Poster from their #KitaJagaRakyat initiative.

In July of 2020, Nyonya Kain collaborated with MyDeliveryHeroes to start a kindness initiative, #KitaJagaRiders, in appreciation for our delivery riders. Dayana specified that for every two masks purchased by customers, Nyonya Kain donated one mask to a rider. This initiative successfully raised and distributed close to 300 masks for our riders, of whom, played a huge part and risked their lives daily since the start of the pandemic in early 2020.

During the month of Merdeka, the #KitaJagaRakyat initiative was continued in efforts of supporting the underprivileged community. We learnt from Dayana that the initiative ended with a total of 1000 masks donated and distributed through three partners - Rotary International, Kechara Soup Kitchen and Charity Right Malaysia. Masks were donated to the needy in Sabah, the homeless in Kuala Lumpur, as well as the underprivileged school children around the Klang Valley.

Dayana Reza, founder of Nyonya Kain, in one of her own creations. Credits: Nyonya Kain.

Through her love for Batik, Dayana was able to pursue her passion in contributing back to society. Since the beginning of 2019, Nyonya Kain has raised a total of about RM10,000 through sales and proceeds, all of which were directed to various causes involving COVID-19 relief measures, cancer awareness campaigns, animal rescue efforts, domestic abuse support groups, social welfare causes, and many more. Dayana has indicated that Nyonya Kain aims to continue giving back to society, through other fun collaborations and initiatives in the future. They hope their efforts are made visible and inspire other businesses and individuals to also contribute to a cause that is close to their hearts.

Nyonya Kain Raya 2021 collection in collaboration with MyPrettyPlay. Credits: Nyonya Kain.

If you would like to support Nyoya Kain’s pursuit in contributing back to society, you can do so through their current campaigns:

•   Nyonya Kain, in collaboration with MyPrettyPlay, is doing a special mummy and daughter matching Raya set for 2021. All batik fabrics are exclusively sourced from fellow friends in Terengganu and are 100% cotton. Use promo code [NKMPP2021] to get RM18 off on the bundleset.

•   Exclusive to RIUH 24/7 visitors, Nyonya Kain is giving a special 15% discount on their website – use the promo code [NK-RIUH21] upon checkout.

Discount period is until 31 May 2021.

This promotion is not applicable with other on-going Nyonya Kain offers.
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