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Nov 11, 2021
Adani Bakhtiar

NITA Cosmetics Launches Peelable Nail Polish Collection - Resepi!


NITA Cosmetics has been known to be fun and quirky with their wide-range of products that are all named after and inspired by our local heritage and influenced by our pop culture.

The founder herself, Aznita Azman is a reflection of the brand - bubbly, exciting and upbeat! She created NITA as an embodiment of every young woman out there who has dreams of seeing the world, and who wants to live every day to the fullest!

Many would agree that manicures are a form of self-expression and self-care  💅
To make 11.11 exciting, NITA Cosmetics’ will be launching their first peelable nail polish collection - Resepi!

(Photo credit: NITA Cosmetics)

The Resepi nail polish collection consists of 10 colours and needless to say, they are all inspired by everyday cooking ingredients in our kitchen that help us create our local delicacies.

Here are some brownie points that surely got our attention:

1. Peelable
If you don’t already know, peelable nail polishes don't require a lot of drying time! So if you’re on the go or you're the type to keep changing your nail colours, this can be your go-to 😉
*only Mayonis (clean white) is non-peelable

2. 10 colours suitable for all skin tones
Talk about variety - for a first nail polish collection, we are spoiled with colours to choose from and they compliment all skin tones!

Here’s a closer look at their colour chart and our colour translation for your easy reference:

(Photo credit: NITA Cosmetics)

Cuka (Vinegar) - Clear lacquer
Belacan (Shrimp Paste) - Dusty Pink opaque
Halia (Ginger) - Nude opaque
Kantan (Ginger Flower) - Sweet Pink
Kari (Curry) - Burnt Orange
Mayonis (Mayonnaise) - Clean White *non-peelable
Rocksalt - Soft Pink
Sambal - Bold Pink
Serai (Lemongrass) - Soft Neon Shimmering Pink
Sesame - Dark Nude

3. Suitable for all ages, breathable, non-toxic, free from acetone, parabens and formaldehyde.
These nail polishes are gentle on your nails, making it safe for children to wear them as well! Also an added bonus to muslims as it is wudhu-friendly!

4. Travel friendly
Each bottle is 10ml, making it easy and compact for you to pack along for a vacation 🧳 or even for a night out 👛

5. Equipped with a flat tip applicator
These brushes help in creating long fluid strokes on the nails for easy and flawless results! 💅

6. Attractively priced
RM19 each for 10ml per bottle!
Do we anticipate a bundled/gift set package in the future? 👀

(Photo credit: NITA Cosmetics)

We hope we got you excited for this release! 🤞
Resepi will officially launch today on November 11th at 12pm.

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