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Nov 18, 2021
Izzat Haziq

New Music November


Safe to say that you can find everything and anything within the music scene in Malaysia. Do enter without caution, feel free to wander around and hop from one genre to another. You’ll stumble upon gems you never thought you’d be into.

And for those who are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the vastness of soundscape, fret not cos we’re here to the rescue. Sit back and relax as we take you through some new releases worthy of your attention.

1. Fugō - Shadow After Noon 
The grass if definitely greener at Fugō’s side.

Malaysian alternative indie trio Fugō's (@fugomy) new single ‘Shadow After Noon’ deals with the fleeting nature of life and frames it in such a way that will have you descend into a dream-like territory in no time. Referencing the shadow as a lyrical device, the band cleverly puts forth the notion of trying to grasp at how nothing is ever truly permanent in life, while learning to be at peace with it as the song treads softly on dream-pop sensibilities and all-round fuzzy feels. 

2. Mortal - Masterclass
Beat maestro, Mortal dishes his own brand of wit in Masterclass

Homegrown rapper Mortal (@mortalrhyme) brings brutal honesty to the table in his latest drop, ‘Masterclass’. Alchemising both unmistakable wit and sly delivery together, the track serves as less of a scathing denunciation of his peers but rather, a potent mood lifter for himself, who has been a long-time player in the local rap scene. The punchy beats and even punchier wordplay in this track are hard to miss, which is certainly a testament to Mortal’s colossal talent in the craft. You can catch the lyric music video here, and the song is available on Spotify and other digital streaming platforms.

3. SHN - dark places (EP)
SHN carves out a safe space for herself in dark ‘places’ EP

The recently lifted, prolonged lockdown really did a number on us. The jarring disconnect between one human to another, coupled with agitations and flaring anxieties did not spell out a good time for anyone. Singer-songwriter SHN (@shnofficialmusic) portrays this overarching theme in her EP ‘dark places’. It’s all about ruminations and being mired in existential dread, but she does this so gracefully, the EP doesn’t feel heavy at all. In fact, sprinkles of poppy beats in the song Pessimist subverts your expectations as it is quite darn catchy. In short, ‘dark places’ EP is truly an overall powerful vehicle that doesn’t shy away from addressing all the things that everyone wants to shy away from.