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Dec 16, 2021
Izzat Haziq

KL Speakeasies in Plain Sight


Disclaimer: For non-Muslims aged 18 years and above only. RIUH advocates responsible consumption. Do not drink and drive.

We’re about to reach the end of 2021 and it’s been one helluva journey. Whether you’re celebrating little wins or if you’re in need of an excuse to drink, we bring some of the best hidden (in plain sight) spots around town where you can let go of all your inhibitions.

1. Shuang Xi

Source: Shuang Xi

Shuang Xi is more than just a speakeasy. It is a playground for creatives, by creatives. The secret spot is tucked in the unassuming shop lots, along the streets of Chinatown, KL. Here you’ll find surreal knick-knacks, highly revered Hong Kong blockbusters posters on the wall and other oddities, which really tie the whole peculiar and strange vibes that lures people in. Apart from the great selection of drinks to quench your thirst, you can also find amazing antique accessories here that are up for grabs, or even participate in a flower arrangement workshop at FLAWER, their very own in-house conceptual florist. 

2. Pahit

Source: The Yum List

If you’re more of a gin and all-things-bitter kinda person, then head down over to Pahit near Bukit Bintang. Take delight in the rustic, colonial build of the establishment as you sip your pick of favourite poison, ranging from delectable cocktails, sous vide tropical fruit-infused gins and of course, gins galore. Feeling a bit peckish? Fret not as they also serve yummy bar bites such as chicken wings, tapenades and tater tots for when hunger strikes. 

3. Lye@110

Source: Eat Drink KL

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that Lye@110 is one of TTDI’s most established watering holes. It’s truly an amazing place to chill and just kick it with your pals. Get your spirits up with their irresistible Jinro Somaek Tower, or test your alcohol tolerance by having a go at their range of canned beers. 

4. The Attic Bar 

Source: The Attic Bar

Wanna feel like you’re on top of the world? Well, The Attic Bar may not be the tallest speakeasy in town in terms of relative height, but you do get to chillax at a very welcoming Chinese-themed rooftop bar. There is no signage whatsoever, so you might need to snoop around in Petaling Street till you can find the entrance. Once inside, you can drink to your heart’s desires, courtesy of their unique spin of cocktails, wines, punch bowls and tuak-inspired brew. But that’s not all, though. The Attic Bar is also a terrific place for you to go on an adventure of gastronomical proportions with their assortments of bar bites, appetizers, slaws and burgers, all kinds of pasta and even yummy desserts!

5. The First Chapter

Source: The First Chapter

Discover a whole new world of exciting, potent cocktails at The First Chapter, TTDI. Have a riot here with your gal pals for Ladies Night every Thursday for an evening all set with drinks and debauchery. Don’t miss out on a chance to try their signature Ah Hong, which is a mix of infused honey, ginger, Johnny Walker Black, some fresh lemon juice and smoky, rich Lagavulin.