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Jul 26, 2021
Teh Sue Ee

9 Bakeries in Klang Valley with Sourdough Bread Delivery


Pandemic trends -  who could forget having Dalgona-coffee induced arm cramps, upcycling old clothes and sewing new Insta-worthy fits, or lamenting at failed attempts at making your own sourdough starter?

What is sourdough bread?

A basic bread recipe requires you to mix flour, water and baker’s yeast. It’s fuss-free, and you can have your loaf ready in a matter of hours. But not sourdough bread. It’s time-consuming and sensitive to many a factor, but the nutritional payout is worth the effort.

Firstly, a sourdough starter, which is a mixture of flour and water that is left to ferment for 7 days or more, is made. During the fermentation process, naturally present wild yeast from the flour is cultivated and produces gut-friendly lactic acid bacteria. After the starter has matured, it is baked with additional ingredients, and the result yields a loaf of bread with that distinctive sourdough taste and texture.

It’s only a straightforward process to make on your own if you have the patience, materials and equipment to do so! If you need a quick fix and don’t have the luxury of time to make your own bread, leave it up to these sourdough bakeries to satisfy your cravings.

Der Backmeister, TTDI
Gluten morgen! These sourdough loaves from Der Backmeister are raved by many TTDI locals. (Image credit: @derbackmeister/Instagram)

Located in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), this popular brunch spot is a hit amongst families for a healthy and hearty breakfast during the weekends. Der Backmeister also offers artisanal German bakes and pastries alongside their savoury dishes. Make sure to also order their Chicken Leek Soup or Goulash Soup to accompany your sourdough loaves - it’s a crowd-pleaser, and who doesn’t love dipping bread into a warm, flavourful bowl of soup?

RIUH’s picks: Backmeister Special, Farmers Bread

How to order: Order via their website or Whatsapp to order

Yin’s Sourdough Bakery, Damansara Uptown
Yin’s Sourdoughs are naturally fermented in a banneton for over 2 days and baked in a stone oven. (Image credit: @yinssourdough/Instagram)

Yin’s Sourdough Bakery is a Penang-based organic grocer and bakery that has a Klang Valley branch located in Damansara Uptown. Try out their unique dishes (like sourdough pasta?!?!) and shop their daily freshly baked goods. Currently, they have bundle deals that range from RM 40 to RM 90 that make great gifts for friends and family. These sets come in an assortment of sourdough pastries and bread alongside various condiments.

RIUH’s picks: Cranberry Walnut Wholewheat Boule Sourdough, Sourdough Cranberry & Apple Scone

How to order: Download their app on the App Store or Google Play Store | For orders within Klang Valley, order via their website, Grab, or FoodPanda

Scoby Coffee & Booch, Bukit Jalil
For that extra kick of probiotics, order a bottle of Chestea kombucha to accompany your charcoal sourdough from Scoby! (Image credit: @scobyspace/Instagram)

Priding itself as Malaysia’s first kombucha cafe, Scoby offers a healthy selection of sandwiches made with their signature bamboo charcoal sourdough loaf. The cafe also offers custom scoring (the process of slicing the dough to produce patterns on the crust) for their sourdough loaves, so make sure to drop them a message a day before securing your customised loaf!

RIUH’s picks: Artisanal One Loaf Charcoal Sourdough, Watermelon Mint Kombucha

How to order: Order via Grab, Air Asia Food or Whatsapp to order

Universal Bakehouse, Damansara Kim
The Pullman sourdough gets its name from the loaf tins used and are a staple to make sandwiches with. (Image credit: @universal_bakehouse/Instagram)

If you’ve fallen head over heels in love with the simple yet satisfying sourdough toasts served in Table and Apron, you can pop over next door to Universal Bakehouse to grab a loaf for later! The bakery is the restaurant’s ode to good bread and is very popular amongst locals. Tip: You may walk in to purchase their bread, but it’s best to pre-order your loaves a day prior as their bakes sell out fast!

RIUH’s picks: Apple sourdough, Pullman sourdough

How to order: Order via their website or Whatsapp to order

Tommy le Baker, KL
The portion sizes at Tommy le Baker are huge, so if you’re just in for a small meal, opt for half a serving. (Image credit: @ tommylebaker_kgattap/Instagram)

Tommy le Baker’s sourdough sandwiches have gained a cult following. The quintessentially French sandwich shop serves mouth-watering tartines, desserts and of course, sandwiches! If you want to bring part of this eatery into your kitchen, grab some of their pre-sliced Country Sourdough and spreads to satisfy your midnight cravings. 

RIUH’s picks: Oven-Braised Chicken Sandwich, Garlic & Fresh Herbs Cream Cheese Tartine

How to order: Order via their website or Air Asia Food

Wild Yeast Bakery, Damansara Jaya
Try this: slice your sourdough croissant from Wild Yeast in half. You’ll hear a satisfying ‘crunch’, and be awed at the many layers of buttery goodness! (Image credit: @wildyeast_bakery/Instagram)

Wild Yeast started as a home-based bakery and now operates at a brick-and-mortar store located in Damansara Jaya. The lamination folds on the Sourdough Croissant are drool-inducing and is one of their best sellers. For a limited period of time, you can order a viennoiserie box that consists of 6 sourdough treats at RM30, which is such a steal!

RIUHs picks: Sourdough Croissant, Whole Grain Country Sourdough

How to order: Order via their website, via Air Asia Food or Whatsapp to order

2half Bakers, KL
Bread scoring is a tricky skill to master, but we think that 2half Bakers have nailed the art of making beautiful patterns on their loaves. (Image credit: @2halfbakers/Instagram)

2Half Bakers makes their bread with a uniquely Malaysian twist, as seen with their Gula Melaka Sourdough! The home-based bakery offers 3 types of flavoured sourdough that caters to different tastebuds. If you like your bread savoury, opt for the Cheddar Cheese Sourdough. For chocolate lovers, you can find comfort in their Dark Chocolate variant. 

RIUH’s picks: Cheddar Cheese Sourdough, Gula Melaka Sourdough

How to order: Order via Whatsapp

Passion to Reality, KL
Jon Leon, owner of Passion to Reality, is a professional chef turned baker. (Image credit: @frompassiontoreality/Instagram)

Passion to Reality does amazing spreads that complement their fermented bakes. Their Mushroom, Kulim, and Herb Butter has a rich umami taste, and the Apple, Figs and Tea Rose Jam is vegan-friendly and has floral and fruity notes. Get your bread fix at their new physical store, Bray Bakery, that’s located in Menara See Hoy Chan. 

RIUH’s picks: Mushroom, Kulim & Herb Butter, Fermented Apple Onion Rye Sourdough

How to order: Order via their website

Not Cute Sisters, KL
Not Cute Sisters’ crowd favourites are their sourdough bagels that are available in 5 flavours. (Image credit: @notcutesisters/Instagram)

Not Cute Sisters is a home bakery that is a collaboration between - you guessed it - two sisters. The sisters love experimenting with their menu, and have recently released a healthier version of doughnuts - sourdoughnuts! For those who want to try their hand at making their best-selling sourdough bagels and focaccia bread, you can enquire about their monthly workshops.

RIUHs picks: Cheddar Tomato Sourdough Bagels, Strawberry Sourdoughnuts, Cinnamon Sugar Sourdoughnuts

How to order: Order via Instagram DM


With all these options, you’re only a tap away to elevate your home cafe experience by getting your daily bread delivered. So, what are you waiting for? Make yourself a coffee, sign in to Netflix, and munch away as you enjoy a scrumptious sourdough brunch.