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Jan 25, 2022
Charmaine Wong

8 Local Brands To Shop For Your Last Minute CNY Outfits


The Year of the Tiger is just around the corner! Although there may not be grand celebrations or gatherings this year, that no reason for us to not dress up in our absolute HUAT outfits.

With families starting to go all out with CNY spring cleaning and reunion dinner preparations, it might be a last-minute scramble for some to put together new outfits to dress to impress.

So, we’ve put together a few local brands that you can check out to make your CNY outfits from meh to bam! From affordable timeless pieces to quirky traditional collections with a twist, here are some of favourites that’s both festive and versatile to be worn throughout the year.

1. Pokoks

(Source: Pokoks)

Renowned for their beautiful Raya collections for the whole family, the folks at Pokoks impress with their Chinese New Year 2021 collection with simple silhouettes and vintage patterns. Made with 100% cotton, the collection is airy, lightweight and perfect to beat the CNY heat. Not only are these outfits food-bump friendly, they are also available for your whole family from adults to toddlers. 

Our favourites are the Good Times Cheongsams and Men’s Oriental Shirts in this collection which really give off the slick 1920’s Shanghai Bund vibes. All you need are round gold-rimmed sunglasses to complete your smashing look!

2. The Daily Lab

(Source: The Daily Lab)

Introducing the most-HUAT shirt you’ll ever need for that extra prosperity this Chinese New Year! If you’re looking for a cheeky take on breezy outfits this festive season, The Daily Lab has got you covered with their Oversized Buttoned Mahjong Shirt

Made with soft and breathable polyester material and in an oversized fit, don’t worry about the heat and focus on the CNY festivities. Featuring every single mahjong tile, one thing’s for sure: you will definitely catch the eyes of your ah-mas and ah-gongs this year, even if you do not know how to play mahjong!

3. +sukha

(Source: +sukha)

If you’re one who appreciates classic silhouettes with a quirky liking to patterns and colour, the +sukha CNY collection of qipaos might just be what you’re looking for. The brand, +sukha (which is easily recognised by Malaysians as ‘suka’ in Malay) represents happiness and bliss; a guiding light to the vision behind their impeccable designs.

Home sewn by tailors and seamstresses in Malaysia who were affected by the pandemic, this is +sukha’s first qipao collection. Definitely worth looking out for in 2022!

4. Behati

(Source: Behati)

Iconic norm-breaking Malaysian fashion brand, Behati fearlessly strikes again this Year of the Tiger with their Behati Baju Cina collection. This magnificent collection takes on traditional Chinese motives and boldly redefines what a samfu and cheongsam can be, through the lens of the signature Behati design.

From opulent statement brocade tang suits to cropped samfus with clashing prints, Behati is the definition of bold.

5. Marimari

(Source: MARI MARI)

Let’s talk shoes! As much as your clothing’s important, they say a look isn’t complete without the right shoes. Marimari is a multilabel store that curates items from smaller independent fashion brands from across Southeast Asia, and we are all for it!

For a little extra oomph to your stride this prosperous festive season, the locally-made JIRA Kitten Heels in Red pack a punch in a kitten heel that’s comfy and perfect for all-day-wear!

6. Machino

(Source: Machino)

Chinese New Year which is also known as the Spring Festival, celebrates the beginning of spring emanating hope, joy and fresh starts. As part of Spring - Machino’s CNY collection, our favourite pair of Hana flats is in full bloom this season!

These sweet pairs of sandals are available in light purple, green, white and in a cheongsam pattern that makes it easy to pair with any outfit.

7. Merdu Jewelry

(Source: Merdu Jewelry)

‘Accessorising has no limits’ says quirky Merdu Jewelry and we absolutely stan! We are obsessed with Merdu Jewelry’s masterpieces which adds so much fun to accessorising. From unique watermelon earrings to dainty glass seed bead necklaces, there’s something for everybody.  We personally love these sayur earrings, which are cute and versatile to ear throughout the year! 

DM them for custom order on Instagram.


(Source: KANOE)

Start the year a little fierce and feisty with KANOE’s 2022 Chinatown Chic collection! From cropped batik tops to kimono wrap dresses, you can trust KANOE to zhush up your CNY fits with a local batik flavour!

Locally made and sustainably sourced, KANOE works with local businesses, artisans, communities in need and charitable trusts that support handmade work, builds communities and supports artisan work while providing a healthy environment and fair wage.

Shop now at KANOE’s website for your CNY batik outfit.


Don’t know if your purchases will make it in time for CNY next week? Send them a message and inquire for self-pick-up alternatives. Good luck with your last-minute shopping spree and have a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!