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Mar 11, 2022
Lisa Ameera

4 Local Press-On Nails Stores You Might Not Have Heard Of


If you’re anything like me, you’ve got short, brittle nails, and at times of moderate to high anxiety, you’ve got a knack for biting them. Typically, they look uneven and sometimes, the ends become scratchers that always snags fabric.

A manicure saviour that has recently gained lots of attention are press-on nails. They’re good for a couple of reasons. First, they look identical to expensive gel manicures one would get at the salon. Second, they’re actually much more affordable than gel manicures. Not only that, they take far less time to apply and by design, you can do them on your own without any help. And with so many options for faux nails being available online, the possibilities are truly endless.

Another thing to note is that many suppliers even provide a service for custom claws. Say you’ve been binge-watching Euphoria and all you want are some Maddy-inspired nails, all you have to do is ask and you shall receive! Long, short, square, oval, coffin, you name it. By the way, did you know that you can get your custom press-on nails done by fellow Malaysians without leaving your home?

Read on to explore 4 Malaysian e-stores that specialise in press-on nails:

1. Zen Nails
Photos courtesy of Zen Nails

If you’re looking to find some zen this 2022, this is the place to be. Zen Nails by Bass Beauty is a salon in Kelana Jaya that was established during the 3rd MCO. Just five days after their soft launch, they unfortunately had to close their doors. Zen Nails then looked into creating press-on nails as a means to survive the stressful period.

What’s refreshing is that May Yap, the co-founder of Zen Nails, refers to her manicurists as artists because they have an impeccable skill of drawing details onto arguably one of the smallest canvases in the market. May loves that customers who can’t necessarily have done up nails due to their profession, like chefs and doctors, can just pop on their press-on nails for less than 5 minutes and feel glam for the day.

Zen Nails specialises in custom orders so customers can feel completely confident that their set was made especially for them. Part of their process is to have customers measure the size of each individual nail to ensure it’s a perfect fit - which is great for those who have struggled to find great fitting off-the-shelf nails. Each custom set by Zen Nail starts from RM79. Besides that, they provide an after-service so their customers feel taken care of, which totally embodies the ‘zen’ in the name.

2. Neko Nail
Photos courtesy of Neko Nail

The founder of Neko Nail, Shereen, was a nail tech before the pandemic struck. When tight regulations started taking place, she decided to reroute and began selling press-on nails online.

Established in 2020, Shereen loves the versatility that press-on nails offer as not everyone loves having long nails on them every hour of the day. Neko Nail doesn’t stick to any one particular style and this can clearly be seen on their Instagram. From Lisa Simpson and Patrick Star to glow in the dark nails, Shereen is able to deliver any nail design for custom orders.

Neko Nail doesn’t believe that the nails are all that make the brand but instead, also emphasises in the value that customer service, packaging, design and order process for what makes a good shopping experience. Press-on nails by Neko Nails ranges from RM39 to RM99.

3. The Base Coat
Photos courtesy of The Base Coat

The Base Coat was also born during the pandemic when founder Joanne struggled to offer nail salon services without risking the spread of the virus. In seeking a new, safer way of recreating the salon regiment for her customers, she found an alternative that could replace the much-loved ritual of getting one’s nails done.

Joanne has done her rounds of research and testing to ensure only perfectly fit press-on nail kits were sold by The Base Coat. The store aims to assist those who are constantly on-the-go by creating trendy, beautiful, and high quality press-on nails at a fraction of nail salon prices and in a short period of time. They also welcome feedback from buyers so they know what to improve on!

On The Base Coat’s website, you’ll find various collections of beautiful, handmade nails ranging from single colours and monotones to colourful themed ones. For every design, customers can check out based on their nail sizes and preferred shape so they get exactly what they need. Customers can also view in-depth tutorials on their website and a guide on how to measure their nails. Custom orders are also available. Prices range from RM40 for single sets to RM99 for a set for three.

4. Sammo’s Reverie
Photos courtesy of Sammo’s Reverie

Like the other stores mentioned, Sammo’s Reverie also makes custom orders. Many of their designs are inspired by anime characters with custom sets encircling K-Pop idols, lyric videos, insects and pop culture references. They can also do other styles and themes like insects, mermaid, movies, etc.

It’s actually pretty insane how much attention to detail is given for each set of nails. They really look like little works of art, complete with highlights and shadows, depth in colour, and textures. Custom sets take up to 3 weeks to produce.

Sammo’s Reverie ranges from RM45 onwards and they even ship worldwide. For character art, assuming it’s what they specialise in by the looks of it, prices start from RM100. Check out the videos on their Instagram to see how much work goes into making these immaculate sets.


Whether you’re a nail snob looking to explore new alternatives or a total newbie wanting some nice nails for your next Instagram coffee shot, press-on nails makes a good option that’s reasonably priced and doesn’t require you to travel to a nail salon. There’s a variety of styles available for selection and if they don’t interest you, plenty of local stores offer customised designs.