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Dec 23, 2021
Charmaine Wong

3 Reasons Why You Should Check Out SENSORii @ REXKL (Ending 28 December!)


Calling all lovers of the arts - be it film, theatre, music or visual arts! You definitely do not want to miss out on the Sensorium Gallery of Inversion/Immersion (SENSORii), a 360-degree multi-sensory digital spectacle happening till the 28th of December, at REXKL in Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur.

Brilliantly curated by the internationally-renowned curator Yap Sau Bin, SENSORii is an invitation to explore the complexities of the internal and external world that we inhabit, through a slew of luminous light projection artworks by several Malaysian multimedia artists such as Lim Kok Yoong, KC Tan, Wee Jia Foong, FLUX 28, Ashly Nandong and Azarikh Amran.

There are 4 light showcases altogether, making every slot a 40-minute audio-visual experience. Accompanied by original music composed by conductor Ahmad Muriz Che Rose and with the technical and design division led by experienced producer Melissa Teoh and Fabu Design Sdn Bhd, you know you’re really in for a multi-sensory treat!

Here are 3 reasons why we were blown away:

1. Mind-blowing audio-visual experience

Frankly, the light projection showcase is like nothing I’ve experienced locally before. Even from the opening showcase of Lim Kok Yoong and KC Tan’s Primoridal Memory which features microscopic footage of organisms, the nifty projections on screen and on the floor (yes, you read it right!) accompanied by the cinematic music, entrance and immerse you immediately into the experience.

2. Different interpretations make for great reflective conversations

My favourite thing about art in general is that different people may interpret a piece of art differently, and that’s totally okay. If anything, it actually tells us more about the piece and explores how it makes different people think and feel.  

With FLUX 28’s Checkpoint, I loved that it brings us on a existential journey of an individual as we go through visions of conflict between our inner thoughts and the reality of things. Through fascinating digital imagery and enthralling music, this experience nudges self-reflection and interesting conversations with yourself or with your friends.

3. Learning about the guardian spirits of Borneo

We were transported to a digital dreamscape in the final chapter of SENSORii - Dream Wandering with Guardian Spirits of Borneo by Ashly Nandong and Azarikh Amran, that celebrates the protectors of Borneo and their offerings of healing, protection and good harvest for the indigenous tribes of the land. With the ending phrase: “Serumpun Budaya, Keluarga Nusantara”, you can’t help but leave the experience with a full and warm heart.

If you’re all set and planning a trip to REXKL, here are some helpful information you may need to know:

How To Get There?

Via Bus No.: 103, 104, 710, 780, 851, P701

Bus Stops: Kotaraya (2 min walk), Hab Lebuh Pudu (3 min walk), Lai Foong Restaurant (3 min walk), MEnara Maybank (4 min walk), Pudu Sentral (5 min walk)

Via train: MRT Station Pasar Seni (8 min walk)

Via car: There are multiple outdoor car park lots all within 5 min walking distance.

Via Grab: Enter destination REXKL as drop-off venue. Promo code: GRABTOAITC


Remember to always practise social-distancing and keep you mask on at all times. Events are only fun when everyone is safe and healthy, after all. Let us know in the comments section if you’ve experienced SENSORii and what did you like about it?